You can make bread at home . We Don't. We buy Bread

Bread sellers add stuff to give it shelf life. If we eat more of that crap and don't burn it out or flush it out, we give it too much "Belly Life. " That causes people to call you "Fatty". That is not good.

Get Whole Grain-(100% whole wheat).  Bread Sellers confuse us with labels.

Words like Enriched flour, Multi-grain, Organic, Unbleached / Bleached  are misused and tricky.

I use an app called FOODUCATE. Take a picture of the bar code and it rates it A B C or D and tells you why?

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These are good carbs and give us ENERGY

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The longest national highway in the USA goes through one of the poorest counties in East Texas. Alongside of this famous road runs a railroad track. I see in the Crystal Cow Pile an East West high speed train coming and going twice a day from and to Dallas and Shreveport and on to the East Coast. I see a rail siding with a bunch of cargo on rail rather than trucks. I see jobs above minimum wage.

In 2015 ,this poor county would have had no luck at all if it weren’t for bad luck. A Tornado in May took the wind out of a lot of sails. People all over this country talk about how the town responded. The first responders, the school leaders from top to bottom, the community got up and did the things that needed to be done. PRIDE is alive and well.  They are rebuilding better than what was destroyed. The past is over; the future is starting.

This poor county is the home of a big flea market. There are estimates of between 200,000 and 400,000 visitors a month coming here, bringing in tons of money and sales tax dollars to the County.

In 2015 there was a big fire at part of the flea market. This was the second fire in the same location. There were no injuries. In 2016 another fire took out more buildings and business. There are many well trained First Responders that know what they are doing. Many of those pros work in other cities, but live here.  Much of the burned out area was substandard when built. The Crystal Cow Pile cautions the leaders of the County not to continue to put all their future plans on the back of a Flea Market. Another Million dollar project is about to finish.The past is over. What will the future bring?

The County’s only hospital was closed in 2015. It is now reopened. Not everybody gets second chances to get it right.

The Crystal Cow Pile sees fast changes because of Tec advances in just about everything.   This poor county is little behind in education, but can catch up. The superintendents, teachers and school boards are all working on it. They see into the 21st century. This is a bright spot.

Old ideas and failure to change got the county in this mess. Here is another bright spot.

The county got a new regional airport. It took a change in leadership to get it done.

The Crystal Cow Pile sees 20th century leadership being replaced. The new leadership of this county   could  get the Economic Development Directors on the same page.

A  21st century  business that pays wages well above the minimum would  benefit everyone, no matter where it locates in the County.


People who see the future of this county would want  to live and work here. Change comes fast in the 21st Century.




  Scholars who study the brain and healthy living say we are smarter when we walk. Stanford psychologist claim walkers are mabe 60% smarter than sitters. So let’s all get out and walk briskly for 30 or 40 minutes today and every day henceforth and the creative juices will flow.

I did my own research by googling to find out what famous and smart people are or were brisk walkers.

Well, a long time ago the likes of Sigmund Freud and Friedrich Nietzsche, two great teachers of human behavior were serious daily brisk walkers.

When it comes to creative juices add Beethoven, Tchaikovsky and Charles Dickens as impressive additions to the list of brisk walkers. We do know that they didn’t have automobiles or pickups so maybe they had to walk fast to get to where they were going.

Harry Truman was on that Famous Walker list. I remember reading General Douglas MacArthur’s biography and he tells of his brisk walk on a beach with President Harry Truman. That walk and Generals Mac’s getting fired was one big day in world history. Mark Zuckerberg is a brisk walker and just passed Warren Buffet in wealth. I bet he drinks more water and less soda pop than Warren. Is that enough proof that walking is good for your health?

The late Steve Jobs did most of his tough negotiating when walking. He was famous for his walks through shopping centers with a supplier, customer or competitor. His biographies are filled with his walking history.

The list of people who walk briskly and get healthy results has shown me the importance of a daily brisk walking routine. Next to smoking, I believe that sitting on our butt is a sure bet to choose a short life span. A sedentary lifestyle is not a real smart choice.

 The July issue of Success Magazine features Peter Diamandis.  His goal is to help us live to 150 or a lot longer. He is an MD, an engineer, a cofounder of Hunan Longevity Inc., and a leader in the space travel industry. He is a leader in changing our society ideas of aging and health care. He is a healthy 55. He stands up to do a lot of his work, has a treadmill at his desk, and has walking meetings and conferences. Peter sits less and less all the time.

In the last 60 days, I have done two things differently. You might want to try them.

  • Stand up to read, answer and delete E-mail
  • Stand up to do Facebook

Peter Diamandis says that 100 is the new 60. In my last physical ,84 is the new 35. My body is better right now. My phone, my typewriter, TV, and car are better. My advisor, Snoopy says I should act 35 and stay with it. (want to see my tattoo?)


To live a healthy life

  • Drink lots of WATER
  • For FOOD, choose 5 or more fresh or fresh frozen fruits and veggies and nuts every day
  • WALK briskly 20 to 40 minutes every day
  • SLEEP 7 or more hours each day




2016-03-05 09.59.46Set a distance and a time. Get that ticker a ticking faster. This gets you more health benefits and a faster time.