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First Place 80 and over 2015

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Fresh and fresh frozen fruits and veggies  fill you with vitamins, minerals and fiber.

Keep avoiding food with long shelf life. This is BEEFITBOB with your healthy tip

of the day.



fresh 15 20015
First Place 80 and over



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Walking shoes are not my cup of tea. Get your first pair of running shoes fitted by a professional at a store where athletes shop. If  the feel like an old favorite boot that is probably the running shoe for you.


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Fruits and Veggies


fresh 15 20015
First Place 80 and over

My Smart Phone loses its UMPH and needs  recharged. My 83 year old body loses its UMPH and need recharged with  PROTEIN.  Eggs, broccoli, meat, cheese,and fish are good for starters. Remember the fresher the better. Cut out too much processing.






Last week I had a big fall while walking briskly.  I have no idea how I got up, took a selfie, and drove home. I do remember Ann on the phone with the 911 operator as the firemen came in the back door. That is the start of three days of miracles, answered prayers, and fantastic care in the hands of the Number One Trauma Unit in Texas.

I was in l La La Land from the time the firemen put me in the hands of the EMT, arriving in the emergency room, and then to the care of the trauma intensive care unit. I do remember telling the emergency room doctor that I felt okay and I was training to defend my title as winner of my division in the Brookshire Fresh 5, so check me out so I can go home.

I got the first jolt from the fantastic trauma doctor. “No, no, no, no to training for a five K. You got busted ribs and a punctured lung. I don’t want to put in a tube, and maybe it will fill up on its own. Breath into this thing as often as you can.” I like docs who put things in words an athlete understands. The medical language is scary. Closed fracture of Multiple Ribs of Left Side. Pneumothorax on Left.

Somewhere in my ICU time things changed. The fantastic staff took walks with me.  We talked about how I have been doing deep breathing exercises for four years. I was treated like an injured athlete who wanted to get back in shape. Before being released they all cautioned to limit my brisk walking to a quarter mile and have somebody with me.

Five days later I went for my final checkup. The nurse checked my vitals, gave me and said the lung was at 100%. Another of the fantabulous trauma gave me the green light to get back on my routine.

fresh 15 20015
First Place 80 and over

If you do what I do, you will improve your blood pressure, lower chances of dementia, Alzheimer’s, some types of cancer, many chronic diseases, heart and stoke problems, obesity, and stop getting old before you time. The doc also said that the chances of surviving trauma would really improve.

Ready?  This is what I do every day.


Drink lots of water and quit sugar drinks. Took about 18 months to go cold turkey on sugar drinks.

Eat at least five fresh or fast frozen fruits and veggies and almonds every day.

Walk Briskly, starting out for five minutes and kick it up. I do 20 to 40 minutes every day. Took at least a year to get there.

Get seven or more hours of deep sleep.  Make it an appointment to keep every day.

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Now here is the kicker.  Blow out all the air all the way to the bottom of your belly. Bring in all the air it takes to fill your lungs. Now blow the air out. Start doing this four or more times every day. It took over a year to breath this way almost all the time.

I am at 100%. Thanks to all my great care givers, and thank you for the prayers.






I had the honor to represent Van Zandt County at the 11th Annual Transportation Forum in Austin. We can be proud of the Texas Department of Transportation . Our TxDot and their contractors have done a fantastic job on tight budgets and horrible weather, tornados, and floods.  Next time you slow down or stop because they are fixing Texas Roads, be sure to give a "thumbs up" to the Best of the Best.

Propositions 1 and 7, and House Bill 20 will now put dollars directly into Texas roads.  The voters made it clear that Sales Tax and Gasoline tax is to stay in road work and not a political grab bag.  The federal government got the same message loud and clear. Both parties in Congress quickly passed the bill and the President signed it. $105 Billion Dollars is to come to the states for fixing up the Interstate roads, but they do not get the money unless the project is "SHOVEL READY".

The Councils of Government,Metropolitan Planning Organizations,Regional Mobility Authorities , Economic Development Officials, Construction Contractors, Rail Experts, and Engineering Firms have been burning the midnight oil to be ready for 2016.

Here are just a few projects ready to roll. Interstate 69 is starting construction from Houston to the North East Corner of Texas. This will give a boost to chemical and other Gulf Coast industries, relieve congestion and increase growth and job opportunities in East Texas

A 400 foot plus high bridge over the Port of Corpus Christi is a go. This will allow for the BIG BOATS when the Panama Canal gets dredged deeper. The big boats will a give tremendous boost to the economy. We have 11 deep water ports in Texas. A ocean going tanker came out of Aransas Pass this month with Texas oil heading overseas. Congress cleared the way this year for the US to export oil for the first time since the 1970s.

Texas Department of Transportation is studied by Other States and Nations. They were there taking notes. TxDot allocates the dollars smartly. They plan what goes where and when. TxDot has three bosses, the customer (that's us), the tax payer, and the legislators. They serve us all well.

We have the best and brightest mind planning ahead. Rail will double by 2040. We have 195,000 miles of state maintained road. That amounts to over two trillion dollars of assets. There are 53,000 bridges, 10,000 miles of rail, and the largest air transportation system in the US with DFW and Bush as the anchors.

If Texas were a country, it would be the 14th largest economy in the world,

The next five years are a game changer. Cars will be safer. There will be driverless cars on the road this year. We will drive less and rideshare more, work remotely more. The Millennials will outnumber all people over thirty-five. There will be more walking and riding bicycles to work in the large cities. Oh yes. We will figure out how to fix our county roads.

It is a great time to live in North East Texas in Van Zandt County.