As a kid in grade school until June 12, 2006 I have been up and down from plump to overweight to fat. Reality set in during the 1990s. My blood pressure got to 204/103 and the scales hit 254. I was Obese and out of excuses.

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Then came “that day” in Panama City, Florida. I was up at 5:30 to watch the Iron Man race start with a two-mile swim, then hurry to the start of the 115-mile bike ride, eat, ride my car to watch some of the race, eat and then take my daily afternoon nap. . I woke up too soon, and looked in that mirror. I walked out into that beautiful Gulf of Mexico. I still was in shock. I remember what I said.

“If I keep on drinking and eating like I am right now, and keep spending big bucks for pills, docs, stupid diets, and weird food, where will I be in five years?"


Years ago I was a motivational speaker. I never really admitted that very few companies want to hire fat motivational speakers. I gave me my punch line  right there in that water up over my knees.

“I can’t do everything, but I can do something. I will do something I know I can do."


I started walking about 5 minutes a day and just a bit more every day. I got better, keeping records, using running shoes, competing in 5 K's, and eating healthier food.  That dang mirror proved I was getting better and it started to show. I have walked over 27 million steps and have never missed a day.

The four things we all require to stay alive are Water, Food, Motion ( I chose to Walk to be in motion) , and Sleep. It is so simple.  I started on June 12, 2006, and never missed drinking Water, eating Food, taking a Walk, and Sleep every night. If you stop doing any or all of those four things every day you will die within a  few months.


Why are 70% of Americans overweight, obese, or medically obese? The cure is simple.

Start today and drink more water and less sugar drink. Drink more water and a lot less sugar drink. Drink water and no sugar drink. I have not a sugar drink in three years.

Eat five or more fresh or frozen fruits and veggies every day, and cut out more processed food every day.

Walk BRISKLY and work up to 20 to 40 minutes every day for the rest of your life. I have not missed one day since June 12,2006 and the Mirror tells me so.

Sleep seven or more hours every day. My smartphone needs recharged every day 2016-03-05 09.59.46 and so does my body.

 If just two of you do what I do, and get two to do what you do, and we do it 6 times, that is 64 of us who chose healthy living over sickness, illness and chronic disease. On the seventh time that is 128 of us, and on the thirtieth time of this WATER FOOD WALK SLEEP (WAFOWASL) journey that is FIVE MILLION who look in that mirror and smile.



BROOKSHIRE’S HEROES FLIGHT MAY 30-JUNE 1,2016   Twenty-nine World War II and Korean Conflict Vets were invited to represent all East Texas Veterans in Washington DC on Memorial Day. Let me share wi…




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MAY 30-JUNE 1,20162012-11-26 08.42.39-10


Twenty-nine World War II and Korean Conflict Vets were invited to represent all East Texas Veterans in Washington DC on Memorial Day.

Let me share with you some of the emotions we felt, things we did, and what those three days meant to us.

At 7:30 AM, May 30,2016 we came together in the lobby of the Tyler Airport. There was a huge crowd shoving, hugging, loving, patting, shaking hands and saying “Thank You for Your Service.”  For three wonderful days this was our greeting everywhere we went. We left Tyler with a Water Cannon Salute in a new American Airliner.  

The smoothest landing, I have ever experience was at Reagan at 1:30 PM. The greeting at DC was wild. More Cheers and “Thank You for Your Service”.

Our Driver and Tour Guide for the entire trip were excellent.  Our tour began at the Airforce and Navy Memorials. We saw where that plane came in low, clipped the stuff of the top of a motel, dove and hit the Pentagon.

We took time to stand on a hill to remember those who lost their lives on 9 -11. Our enemies made a big mistake the day they bombed Pearl Harbor and our enemies made a big mistake on 9/1/2001.

 We ate that evening at Hill Country BBQ in DC. That is what Texas do.

Tuesday, May 31,2016

Today we go to Arlington National Cemetery at 8:30 AM. We saw the Changing of the Guard. It is place of silence. Most of us ran out of tears a long time ago. My high school buddies Chuck, Darrell, and Jelly never came back. I remembered the good times.  We stopped be Audie Murphy’s grave. Good memories of a brave Texas boy.

Next stop at the Memorials. My feelings were different than I had expected. Everywhere we went the people smiled, thanked us, gave us seats, got off the elevators so we could get on. I have a good feeling about our country. I think my buddies who did not come back would have that same feeling.

We were making our way to the Lincoln Memorial. The 19 wheel chairs had some great drivers, and crowds were giving up their places in lines for us. We arrived at the the top, right there with Abraham Lincoln. A humongous crowd of teen agers were being teen agers. The saw us, shook hands and said “Thanks for Your Service.” Next thing, they formed a group and sang THE STAR SPANGLED BANNER. There was not a dry eye anywhere.

\The best tour guide of our Capitol is Congressman Louie Gohmert. Louie had us laughing and made history come alive. It has been a wonderful long day and it is time to eat. A Knights of Columbus group feed us and the whole community was there to say “Thanks for Your Service.”

Wednesday, June 1,2016


We made a stop at the Air and Space Museum. It is a “must see”, and on to Baltimore for a great send off.

We arrived home to another Water Cannon Salute and a large crowd hugging, loving, shaking hands, and saying “Thank You for Your Service.

The words “Thank You” are not enough to express our feeling for what Brookshire’s has done for us. All of you made 29 Veterans feel really good. Thanks for being here for us.