About Bob Moore (BeeFit Bob)

Bob began his “Health and Wellness” walk June 12, 2006, when he was 70. He was standing on a beach in Panama City, Florida, with his feet in the water when he realized “If I keep on eating and drinking like I was, and not exercising, where am I going to be in five years? I knew I’d be dead. I knew I had to change.”

Today Health and Wellness is his passion. He prays, reads, thinks, studies, researches, writes, talks, blogs, and WALKS about it.

Bob says: “I’ve never felt better in my life. I get a good night’s sleep, and my philosophy is to live every day like it’s my last, and plan for tomorrow like it’s forever.”

Bob, 6 feet tall, now weighs 150 pounds, has not missed a day of walking since June 12, 2006, and averages walking 3.5 miles EACH day. His adopted hometown of Canton, Texas is now known as “The walking capital of Texas” (as of May 15, 2013, when passed by Texas House of Representatives). Being the home of Canton First Monday Trade Days where thousands of people come to shop each month. While working to achieve this distinction, Bob presented First Monday stats that Canton draws an average 180,000 people a month and that the average person walks at least a mile and a half. Bob says “That’s more than five billion steps a year!”

Bob’s health regimen is simple:

1. Eating right.
2. Exercise right.
3. Sleep tight.
4. Shop Smart.

Bob works to get a gallon of water down a day,” He states that “Coffee counts. NO sugar drinks at all.” His diet includes anything that’s not processed. Fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, fresh protein (any kind of meat and fish) are the staples. He drinks a fistful of protein (supplement) and eats a handful of carbs and a thumb full of fat.

Bob emphasizes “There’s nothing magic about it. In every living-healthy rule I’ve ever read, people live longer and don’t have diabetes, heart attacks, cancer, and Alzheimer’s if they follow those three things. My blood pressure has gone from 205/104 in the late 1980s or early 1990s down to the 160s and 170s in 2006 down to 121/62 in January 2016”

Bob’s greatest passion is getting people to walk. Bob says “We’ve got to start taking better care of ourselves: more water, better food, and a good nights’ sleep”.