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A typical sugar drink has over 9 tsp of added sugar an none is natural sugar.

The British Government plans to start taxing the manufacturers in 2018. Mexico started to tax back in 2013.. The Crystal Cow pile says the lobbyists  and  the food industry will do the magic and the politicians won't add a tax.Some folks claim that 47% of the sugar in our diet comes from sugar drinks.

Let us solve our own Obesity mess.

Drink a little more water and a little less sugar drinks. Drink a little more water and hardly any sugar drinks. Drink WATER and NO sugar drinks.

See we  got the problem solved without politicians helping.

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About 70% of Americans are overweight. About 30% of them are obese or medically obese.  Every year, since high school I had a New Year Resolution to get “un fat”.  For seven six years I…


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About 70% of Americans are overweight. About 30% of them are obese or medically obese.  Every year, since high school I had a New Year Resolution to get "un fat".  For seven six years I moved from overweight to medically obese.

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I was an expert in diets. I wrote "Give Up the Fat the Diet Fat to Fit Kit", traveled the country giving seminars and selling the book.  Finally, I took the book off the market and, quit the seminars.  I got fat again.

Being a quitter was my way of live until age 76. Something happened. Not sure exactly how or why it happened, but it sure happened.

I was standing knee high in the Gulf of Mexico, after my daily afternoon nap. I started talking to myself. "If I keep on eating and drinking like I am right now and If I keep spending the bucks for magic diets, pills, doctors, and weird foods, and herbs, where will I be in five years? I will be dead." I said it.

In that minute the words came out loud and clear. I WILL WALK.

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June 12, 2006 I stared walking every day. At first, maybe five minutes at a slow pace, and then sometimes over four miles at faster than twenty minutes a mile pace. I have not missed a day. That includes two days in intensive care with busted ribs and a punctured lung. My choice of lifestyle on that day in September 2006 started as a chore, then a routine and now a way of life.

These four things happen to our body or we die in about ten to sixty days.  Hydration, food, motion, sleep.

Here is the key. When we make bad choices in any or all of these four areas we are more subject to sickness, illness, and chronic disease. We chose to be a part of the 98% who live to eat.

WATER:  Drink a little more water and less sugar drinks. Drink more water and very little sugar drink. Drink water and no sugar drink. You are now addicted to water, not sugar drinks.

FOOD:  Eat five or more fresh or fresh frozen fruits and veggies every day and eat five or more times a day. There is no more white bread, and hardly any processed food in your diet.

WALK:  Get that heart rate up at least five minus a day. Start with at least five minutes of brisk walking and get to thirty to forty. Walking Briskly every day is a habit.

SLEEP: get at least seven hours of deep sleep every day and learn to breathe deeply. It is a habit.

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First Place 80 and over

That makes you a 2% er.  It is a great way to live longer.


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I do not trust food lables

 FOODUCATE is an app that rates produce A B C D. It is simple and it works fo me.

Every morning I eat ceral. In my experience , there are only two cerals woth eating . OATS and SHREDED WHEAT . Thew rest are grade C and D.

I add pineapple,blueberries, and cherries, all fast frozen,plus a handfull of pecans,almonds pecans, and peanuts. Then comeas the almond  silk milk.  It is delicious, and every thing in it  graded  A..

I like peanut butter. Usually the local store brand is graded higher than the name brands, because it does not  have a long shelf life and does not have persevatives that give it long shelf life that makes good stuff bad.

I do not like to endorse products , but have not found antyhig better than FOODUCATE. to help me pick the healthy alternatives.


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Park Way out in the parking lot. Take your brisk walk..Get your cart. Hang a right- then the back wall, cut left . Check out with a pile of good stuff.

There is the fresh produce, the dairy and eggs, fresh meat and fish, and  the fast frozen fruits and veggies.

Be careful. The processed food sellers are slipping bad stuff in there.  If you don't buy crap, you won't eat eat, and they will quit sellin it.

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