We are getting overwhelmed with information. A lot of what we hear and read is not true. Some of this information is deliberate lies to mislead and put harmful products into the health and wellness market.  We hear and see more of this propaganda every day in news, tv, advertising and social media.

This machine we call our body has three parts. On the top is the NOGIN, our control center. It gets data from five things. With ears we hear sound, with eyes we see, with a nose we smell, with a mouth we taste and with our skin we touch. SOUND SIGHT SMELL TASTE and FEEL. A fat lazy muscle called the brain computes this data and does all kind of things with it.

The next part of the body is our insides, and it is called the GUT. It is the location of all the machinery that gets us moving and shaking and blowing and going. This gut needs two fuels, water and food. If the water is not clean and or if the food is not good then there are problems with the muscles, tubes and pipes that make this gut machine run smoothly. There are two essential requirements to make the gut run right, motion and sleep. If there is no motion the machine slowly quits running, and if it doesn’t get enough sleep, it loses its oomph and just quits.  Then we fade away into the sunset.

The stuff on the outside that is left over is what I call the DIGITALS. There are normally two arms and two legs and with all the hookups needed to respond and react to the five senses that react and respond to the gut and noggin.

This body we have is the greatest machine ever created. It is a gift and the two of us have so few things we are responsible for. Once we get born, it will take at least twelve to eighteen years for most of us to get good water and food on our own. The world is get better at getting clean water and better food. The data shows people are living longer.

 There are two basics that are being ignored in USA. Diabetes type 2 and obesity. The data is becoming clearer every day. A major cause of type 2 diabetes is obesity. A major cause of obesity is over consumption of processed sugar drinks. This is not going to be solved by government regulation. The cigarette problem was not solved by politicians, they just put a tax on tobacco. They are already starting to “sin” tax soda pop. The prescription drug, medical, and food processing industries will not stop this epidemic.

The solution is basic. It is simple. Drink more water, and less sugar drinks, then drink more water and a lot less sugar drinks, and finally drink water and no sugar drinks.

Take good care of this Magnificent Machine we call our Body.

 It’s the BASICS.





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Every New year we set goals. We Dream about winning the lottery, hitting it big in the stock market and losing weight on the new diet.

Beginning with the end in mind is one of the functions of the brain. Brain experts sell lots of books about the imagination. Movies and Amusement Parks are in the “pretend like” business.

A little boy in the third grade in Wapakoneta, Ohio told his teacher that some day he would walk on the moon. Do you remember Neil Armstrong?

In the early 1960s Ohio State had a great golf team. They practiced a bunch and hung out after practice at the 19th hole. It was dark, but one player was still on the 18th hole putting green pretending he was putting. After he made the imaginary putt, he pretended  Arnold Palmer was helping him put on his Green Coat at the Masters. Remember Jack Nicklaus?

I watched a bit of the Olympic Alpine events last year because one of the Athletes is my No Pain No Gain Hero. She has broken or bruised almost every bone in her body and has been written off as too old and too injured to try again. In an emotional interview she said, “Our family never gives up and I never give up.”

She was at the top of the course and moved her body as if she was on the run.  She was pretending. She was beginning with the end in mind. She stopped, took a deep breath, leaned back, jammed those poles into the snow and down the sloop she went. She got the Bronze. Lindsey Vonn is considered by many to be the best Alpine Skier of all times.


What has all of this to do with health and wellness? Everything. Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to be healthier in the future than you are right now? Go to the biggest mirror you got. Ask this question.  If I keep on drinking, eating, walking and sleeping like I am right now, where will I be this time next year? Answer the question only to the one in the mirror.

Now begin with the end in mind. One year from now, what do you want to weigh? Here is a hint. Let’s pretend like you weigh 225 right now. Now let’s pretend that you want to weigh 190.

Here is why diets did not work.  The diet seller will say” Lose 35 pounds on our great diet”. Then they flash a bunch of pictures of food, and probably the picture of some skinny gym rat or famous star that is not you.

Begin with the end in mind. See yourself at 190. What size pants or dress will you be wearing? How do you feel at you dream pretend like weight?

Never talk about losing weight ever again. Pick what you to weigh and SAY IT, DREAM, IT PRETEND IT, and  JUST DO IT .

Be happy and healthy.

Before at 237


Here I am at 145

Be happy and healthy.

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 lots of water



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