When it gets cold,dress in layers. Today I was3 in layers and was comfortable.



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Fruits and Veggies


Eat at least five fresh or frozen fruits and veggies every day. Carbohydrates  give us energy. I lay low on dairy,bread,and pasta,but really go for fruits and veggies. Read the lables.  A lot of the added stuff is to keep the product on the shelf in case you don't buy it right now.  If you put old stuff in your belly and it does not burn out or flush out you might get hemorrhoids , heartburn, or heart attack or worse. You will get fat and unhealthy, so eat fresh or frozen  fruits and veggies.

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Hello-Here I am

I am 83 years old, but the body is better right now than 61 years ago when Uncle Sam drafted me into the US Army. I once weighed 254 and my blood pressure was at 204 /105. I moved to East Texas  to die. I changed my mind on June 12, 2oo6 and I chose to do 4 things.I call it WAFOWASL. which stands for WATER, FOOD,WALK,and SLEEP. Theses are the four keys to getting health and changing your life.


Me now                                                 Old Me 2014


Since that day I have been walking. I mean BRISK WALKING .  I walk  20 to 40 minutes and work to stay under a 20 minute mile. Big Deal? You better dang well believe it. Since that day in 2006 I have walked over 26,700,000 steps and mostly at a brisk pace. So What. Well, I have never been sick. My blood pressure at last Medicare physical was 95/56 and the weight is between 157 and 165. Enough for now. If I can get healthy , so can you.

Come back and visit. I talk about WAFOWASL and as an extra added feature I will share what I see in the CRYSTAL COWPILE.  Now that is another story.  Bring your freinds too.

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