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IMG_0550Experts say that between 80% and 90 % of everything we do is by habit

.  We are born with no habits,

and our care givers choose our habits for us, and a lot of those habits never change.

Some people never move, change political parties, religion, and are content to choose someone else to make choices for them.

One of those habits is smoking cigarettes. They cause people to die and it practically says that on the label. Some people chose to smoke, get cancer and die. Those folks chose to let others make a poor choice available to them.

Everything happens because we made a choice.

On June 12, 2006, I made a choice to be healthy. Why? I talk to myself and on that day said “If I keep on drinking and eating like I am right now, I will be dead in 5 years.”

I am a data guy. I track how many steps I walk every day, then. walking every day became a habit. I have walked every day since. A couple years later I drank a little more water and a little less sugar drink. I started to tweak my habit with a lot more water and a lot less sugar drink. Today, I drink no sugar drinks.

It is a habit

 Our body requires food. We are losing the battle of sugar diabetes type 2. and it is mostly caused by obesity. Obesity is caused by sugar drinks

Sugar is a drug and the choice is ours to quit or chose not to quit.

I put another habit into play. I chose to eat six or more fresh or fast frozen fruits and veggies and nuts before noon every day. The combination of lots of water and fresh fruits and veggies slowly changed my way of eating. I eat slower, more often and chose smaller servings. It is a series of newly formed habits. 


This has been a series of very simple, doable choices, that started very slowly, then just took off. This called the Compound Effect.A best seller The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy has been a part of this journey since November 8th, 2011. This is the fourth reread.


 Tracking steps daily is a habit. Today it is done on a smartwatch that wasn’t around in 2006.  The  daily average is almost 8000 steps daily, but still under 10,000 steps a day. I am not there yet. A daily routine of healthy habits is all that separates the old me from what I am today. If I can you can choose to