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Walking is my passion. Not running nor jogging-just walking. The addiction to walk started June 12,2006 and has never stopped. Why do I do it? I moved to East Texas in the 80’s. That was in the last century. Overweight, blood pressure off the wall, trouble sleeping, and stressed. I came to Edom, Texas to retire.

Bob and Gracie 03/06/2006


Want the truth? I came here to DIE.

Fact of life. If you are not moving -blowing and going- out and about – up and at it-you are a goner that hasn’t been buried yet. That was me until that day.

You all know “That Day”. Some call it the Moment of Truth Day- Born Again Day-Saw the light Day. If you have not had that day- believe me-you will someday.

Standing in the Gulf of Mexico up to my knees, I said “If I keep drinking and eating like this, staying fat and lazy sitting in my Lazy Boy, falling asleep for my daily three-hour nap, spending money for pills to sleep, getting that blood pressure to go down, calm my heart rate, and Lord knows what else. Where will I be in five years? I will be dead.

That was not a good report for my brain to digest. It left a feeling in my gut more severe than heartburn, hemorrhoids or heart attack. The quiver in my arms and legs was worse than the shakes.

Right then and there, I set in place the daily walking program. Oh sure, I sort of watch my weight- but walking became a daily ritual. To this day since June 12,2006 I have not missed a day of walking and a daily average of 7800 steps. No days off for sickness, allergies, headaches, or excuses since THAT DAY. My routine has been tweaked, updated and improved. My Doctors at the annual Medicare physical and the tests say this 87-year-old body is in better shape than it was 65 years ago when I was drafted into the US ARMY.

I will continue walking and talking and writing about Happy Healthy Living. Your questions, comments, and experiences are welcomed.


Have a Happy Healthy Day