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IMG_0825Carbs get bad press.  Why? My experts say the sellers of food don’t make much money selling fresh fruits and veggies.

Fresh and fresh frozen fruits and veggies and nuts and are great sources of carbohydrates., Food sellers make more money with less problems selling processed stuff with long shelf life.


Eight reasons to eat good carbs.

  1. Carbs prevent binge eating
  2. Carbs encourage weight loss
  3. Carbs improve moods, encourage serotonin production and lowers irritability, depression and stress.
  4. Carbs keeps  the digestive system running smoothly. The body can’t digest fiber of some carbs. That is a good thing.  That is like sandpaper that cleans out the entrails. You get the picture. -Moving on.
  5. Carbs keep the heart healthy.
  6. Carbs give you quick energy to help in your workouts.
  7. Carbs improve the focus on study. Studies’ have shown that a breakfast of oats or shredded wheat with fresh and fast frozen fruits, topped with almond silk will increase a student’s memory when talking a test.
  8. Carbs stabilize blood sugar. Fast frozen and fresh fruits and nut break down your system ad do it in a good way and do it fast.
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