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ECONOMICS is a favorite subject of mine. It is not a science.

There are three rules to follow when informing, teaching or guessing about the future.

Rule One.  Them that know already know.

Rule Two. If you are not invited to their meetings, you do not know.

Rule 3. 99% % of being smart is knowing what you are dumb at.

Some experts peer into a crystal ball, and I peer into a crystal cow pile, but rely on a savvy group for their wisdom to predict the future.


I live in Canton, the Capital of Van Zandt County, in Texas, a fast growing State in the USA. It has a population of less than 4000 people and the entrance road proudly display this fact. Kaufman County to the west has grown form seventh fastest growing to 3rd fastest. One of the fastest growing areas going South to North starts below Jacksonville up to past Interstate 30.

Travel with me to see what we see by what we see. Starting in Canton going northwest on Texas 64 we  approach Wills Point and see the Van Zandt County Regional Airport on the left. The Van Zandt County News had a story and some pictures. I still read the paper. The Texas Department of Transportation has approved a grant of about $666,667 for design and construction of hangers. You will see an old house along side of the airfield and a Medical Helicopter behind the house. This is a part of the Hospital that is expanding on I 20 near Canton. Did you see the Paper?

The City Manager of Wills Point sees the need for the hangers. There are 30 pilots needing hanger space. Do you see that this construction makes sense?


I am now going to look into the Chrystal Cow Pile and predict the future of Van Zandt County.

One. More Yankees will move here, buy 10 acres, get a Cowboy Hat, and feel like they have died and gone to heaven.

Two. Houston-ions are tired of floods and are moving to Van Zandt County.

Three. Californians are not waiting for the “Big One” and are coming to here.

If you think things are not changing, you are not seeing what you see.