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Our country is getting fatter every year. Sugar diabetes type two is on the rampage and the USA is the big culprit. The major cause is obesity. The major cause of obesity is too many sugar drinks and they are now called a drug. Politicians do not want a cure, they charge a sin tax, as they do with cigarettes. Stokes and heart attacks are in full force and the victims are younger. I heard an expert on TED TALKS state that one of every two men and one of 3 women will have cancer. A Biggy for us guys is prostate cancer and my top doc says it is not a question of if, it is a question of when.

The sickness, illness and chronic illness industry is monstrous. The opioid scandal involves people from government, medicine, politicians and science who knew the dangers and ignored their ethical and legal responsibilities.

The diet industries come out with new buzz words most every year.  Do you remember Adkins, Scarsdale, Cabbage soup, South Beach, Beverly Hills Fen Pen, Slim Fast, Mediterranean, Gluten Free, and Keto?  It is a hot market because some people like a quick fix, and instant gratification.

We all have a choice. Consider doing your own thinking and accept the responsibility for your Happy Healthy future. Our body must have only two fuels to get out and go. The only two “must have” fuels are water and food -WAFO.

 Every day our body needs to get in motion so walk and get some more sleep -WASL. Now start thinking and use common sense.

I was hooked on sugar drinks. This is what you can do. Go cold turkey and quit or drink a little more water and a little less sugar drinks, then a lot more water and a lot less sugar drinks, And finally, drink water. With me it took about eight weeks and I have been clean for eight years.

With food I go for at least seven or more fresh or fresh frozen fruits and veggies and nuts every day. This requires common sense and consistency.

The processed food industry is not your friend. We are advised by government agencies, food processers and health groups to read the labels. They use initials instead of word and words I don’t understand. If there are over three sets of initials or words that I don’t understand, I know they do want me to know what in what they want me to eat or drink.

Read the ingredients. They are posted on the label.  If the is stuff in that list that you do not understand or want, look for something better.

Enjoy eating. Some people say a blessing, light candles sit wit friend. It can be a happy event. Think about how you can enjoy water food, walking and sleeping. WAFO  WASL . Think about it.

Have a Happy Healthy Day.