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It was June 2006, and I am talking to myself. That is what public speakers do when they have no audience. “If I keep on drinking, eating and living like I am I am right now, where will I be in five years? I will be dead”.


Starting June 12,, 2006 I have walked every day. At first, I could not walk 5 minutes without sitting on a cold iron bench in the park, exhausted and gasping for air. Each day I give the Happy Healthy Battle Cry. “I better do it now. Do it. Now do it better.” That was Thirteen years and 36,985,400 steps ago. I am 106 pounds lighter and my blood pressure was as high as 204/105. Last week it was 122 /68 at my Medicare annual Physical. People who walk every day live longer, are happier, and are more healthy than other people.


Are you ready to start walking every day? You need to get a pair of Running shoes. Go to a store that fits athletes. It is a bit pricey but worth the time and money. I carry a five-foot stick when I am walking on grass and trails. If I see a bunch of dogs, I stop, lean on my stick and smile. The lead dog smiles, and they go their way and I go mine. Rarely a snake will appear. I use the same procedure. Sometimes my dog walks with me and we enjoy the walks.

Sometimes there are accidents. On January 17,2015 the temperature was 17 degrees. I had on 4 layers of clothes, and four hoodies. I did two stupid things. I did not warm up before walking and I took a shortcut at a turn. I tripped, went flying and hit the ground and that was the last thing I remembered. A witness said I got up, walked 72 steps to my truck, took a selfie and drove the half mile to home. I had a bunch of busted ribs, and a punctured lung already down to less than 16% capacity. The ambulance crew and the Trauma Docs saved me.

The biggest cause of deaths to the elderly is FALLING. The healing time is long and painful. My rehab is being done by fantabulas trainers, rehab specialist and Docs.

The DATA is IN. Walking gives us a longer life span. Walkers delay Alzheimer’s and dementia. Walkers are happy and healthy.

Have a Happy Healthy Day