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Time Management has been a big part of my   profession as a writer, teacher and speaker. In this fast-moving Century, we manage both our energy and our time.

I want to share what THE FIRST HOUR of each day is all about.

In my early training as an industrial engineer, we learned to turn our moves into fundamental, basic, and efficient habits.

This how I get up every.

It is about four AM. Yes, that is the time I get out of bed. I have no idea why I am up and full of energy so dang early. I sleep on my back. The data is recorded on my smart watch, recording how many hours is deep or light sleep and how may steps I walked yesterday. The Data is updated daily since June 12, 2006.

I slide  to the edge of the bed about 4 AM , get my right foot on the floor, slide my butt around and get my left foot down, run my hands down my legs, lean way over , feel my ankle bones and then my lazy brain interrupts and says “far enough”. I poupou this order, touch the bottom of my feet, pull on the toes of both feet and sing “Beautiful Morning Glory, kissed and caressed by the Dude, beautiful Morning glory to You”.

Doing my morning bathroom duties is a habit that is almost a no brainier, then I head to the kitchen and brew my cup of black coffee for 63 seconds while doing 15 squats. Then off to my home office for “THE FIRST HOUR” to pray, read, think and dream. This is a HAPPY time. The praying reading thinking, and dreaming is extremely important time.

Five words drive my energy.


  DO IT  


 During this hour I review yesterday, take lots of notes and keep the main thing the main thing.

Is this HABIT worth the effort?

My blood pressure was as high as 204/105. Yesterday it was 122/69 and under control with Doctor supervision and a bit of medication.


My weight was as high as 254 and now it 147.

Snoopy is my Mentor. He advised me to pick a year – and stay with it. I am 35 for the 52nd time.

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  My business is HAPPY HEALTHY LIVING. Thanks for visiting  MY BLOG.