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Abe Lincoln says most people are as happy as they make up their mind to be. The choice is simple. Happy people live longer. Happy people are healthier, less sickly, heal faster and have less hemorrhoids, heartburn and heart attacks. Choose right now to get happy.

Getting healthy is different problem and requires new ways to get data, education, and inspiration to be healthy.  Over 99.9% of all species that ever lived are extinct today. The human brain up in the noggin adapted to the harsh environment by being stronger or smarter. The best choice is to be smarter. Through history the explorers have an intense desire to understand and explore the new world around them. Babies get born angry, afraid and dumb. Very quickly each baby chooses a desire to understand the new world, develop a curiosity that drives them to explore. Some never lose this drive and change the world for the future. A little boy in Wapakoneta,Ohio told his teacher he would walk on the moon. Do you remember John Glenn?  These explorers are alive and driven today exploring more about the seas, space and better health for future generations.

There are three parts to our body, the noggin, gut and stuff we wiggle I call the digitalis.


The command center is the brain up in the noggin. We got lots of unanswered questions about being smart and being dumb, fast or slow, good or bad, sick or well, and why or why not.

The human body must have two fuel to stay alive-water and food. We chose to put other stuff in there, some god some bad. Lots of drugs, good and bad, are a big issue today. Remember the body must have water and food. I call this WAFO

The body has only two requirements -motion and sleep. When it comes to motion there are too many choices and too much room for excuses. I chose to walk. I recommend you also chose to walk and sleep every day. WASL

Here is the payoff of WAFO WASL every day. It is a doable deal to drink lots of water and eat seven or more fresh and fresh frozen fruits and veggies and nuts. Then get up and get walking briskly working up to 10000 steps a day. Shut down and get seven or more hours of sleep each day.

A powerful chemical called DOPAMINE is produced in the brain telling the body that is doing something good and exciting. Everyday you WAFO WASL the DOPAMEAN triggers the “save button” in the brain to record this as a good habit. It is addictive in a positive way. Drugs and gambling are artificial triggers and lead to serious consequences. Some Docs are calling sugar drinks a drug that we become addicted to.

I suggest you drink a little more water and a little less sugar drinks, then a little more water and a lot less sugar drinks, and then no sugar drink.

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