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The Diet industry gets new life every year, and it is a monster Money making Opportunity I was in it once . My magic book was “GIVE UP THE FAT- THE DIET FAT TO FIT KIT”.  The book sold for $9.95  I traveled the circuit -made money and gained back 40 of the 20 pounds I lost and shamefully left the diet business. 

IMG_1010 give up the fat

Every Diet season a new magic deal hits the market. It my be a Doctor because you are told always “Ask your Doctor”. It Might be a “California” name because that is where dreams come true .  Another trick is to come up with a “Sticky Stoney Word”  and cure it with a diet.

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Last year the Sticky Stoney word was GLUTEN. Gluten Free was the Diet Magic Name.  In my  favorite store there was a “GLUTEN FREE” sign over the Toilet Paper Aisle. It did get moved before I got my camera out. I am not allergic to gluten. I have a friend who is. Less than 5% of the world  are allergic  according to some expert somewhere. If you got the allergy it is serious and needs medical attention.

This year the hot magic word is KETO. It is a tough word to find  a clear definition or picture, Bu there is a there is a bunch of info about  “Keto Diet”.  The biggest deal ever in the Shark Tank got all five Sharks to come up with over a million bucks and the  contestant  changed the name of the company and added KETO to the  new name. It is rumored  to be the biggest deal the Sharks have ever done. 


Diets are a quick Fix. Most of the time quick  fixes don’t last long term.