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May moons ago I had a direct sales company and Monday morning at 9 AM about 15 sales folks were there for the weekly Pep Talk. Everyone was on time except Luther. He was always late and had a different excuse each week. Luther had very creative, complicated and unusual excuses.  “Imagine broke her leg almost. If we would of gone skiing it would of happened for sure”.  “Luther Junior came close to having a fractured skull, but it rained and there was no game.” “You sure need to know why I am late today. The train that makes me late never came through today.”

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There is no logic to his excuses. People attend my Monday Meeting just to hear his latest excuse.

I detest excuses. Excuse are like noses. They both smell.

I am 15 minutes into to my Monday Pep talk. The Swinging door swings inward. Luther shouts “You will never believe what happed this time.” He walks to the front of the room. A hush comes over us. Then Luther in a sad voice said, “MY AUNT BESSIE’S COW DIED.” What do you say? Was this Aunt Bessie’s only cow? Did this death stop a long line of heritage in the cattle Kingdom?

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This is a Miracle. Luther has created the perfect excuse. An excuse is a big fat fib. Save time by using the perfect excuse. When you face the one who expected you to do something, look them in the eye, say in a powerful, confident voice “My Aunt Bessie’s Cow Died “. Watch the person closely for two seconds. Now turn and go do what you are supposed to do.

It works. If you are a newbie, use this once a day-then once a week- then once a month and the once a year. Warning- only use Aunt Bekesy’s cow died once per victim of your excuses.

This has been a part of my seminars and workshops for many years. My three daughters are now in their sixties and still use this system. We save a bunch of time by removing excuses.

Here is a five-word replacement.

I better do it now.

Do it.

Now do it better.