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Recently a famous speaker said, “always be dissatisfied”. I disagree. All of us were born dissatisfied – scared and dumb. Somewhere between getting born and now, most of us changed our minds or it got changed for us. Staying unhappy and dissatisfied does not lead to being happy and healthy. Abe Lincoln said we must make up our mind to be happy. That is a fundamental.

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  Fundamentals do not come naturally, they are taught.  The alphabet, arithmetic- chemistry- languages – and even Happy Healthy Living.

I enjoy basketball and Michael Jordan is one of my favorites. He said “The day you get away from doing the fundamentals, the bottom falls out”.  That is when you get dissatisfied. We do not need to stay dissatisfied.

Our body needs only two fuels to survive – water and food. Those two are Fundamentals. I call them WAFO.

 Now if you get away from the fundamentals, your bottom may fall out, you might get to be a humongous blob, or worse.

Our body must perform just two functions – motion and sleep. There are so many choices to get in motion. Golf, dancing, tennis, hiking. The list goes on forever. I chose to walk every day.

Every day our SMARTPHONE loses its OOMPH and must be recharged.  Same thing, our body needs to shut down and get sleep. The Health gurus recommend 6 to eight hours of sleep a day.

 I call these two functions WASL.

WAFO WASL is my passion. It is the fundamental requirement for a Happy Healthy Life. I read-research-write- blog -speak – and live the WAFO WASL .

There is less dissatisfaction of health conditions around the word today more than ever before. There is cleaner water and more healthy  food. Education is getting out there.big time about bad drugs and  modified  food . We are making progress, but still there is a very long way to go.  Sickness, illness, and chronic disease is slowly but surely being replaced by happy healthy living.

But the USA is losing the battle of Sugar Diabetes  type 2. Health Experts say a major cause is Obesity. These experts also say a major cause of Obesity is consumption of sugar drinks.  Start drinking a little more water and less sugar drinks, then a lot more water and a lot less sugar drinks and then lots of water and no sugar drinks. This is a smart way to solve the problem.

I am satisfied we are making progress.  Dissatisfied people do not solve the problems well or very often.


 Here are Five fundamental words that get us from Sickness, Illness, and Chronic Disease to

Happy Healthy Living

Say them aloud. Now do what they say.  It works for me.