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From the time I was in the eighth grade I was on some sort of diet. After college it was a game every new year to make a resolution that this was going to be the year to get lean, trim and healthy. I have tried most every diet to hit the market

. In 1977 I wrote a diet book titled “Give up the fat-The diet fat to fit kit.” For about six months I travelled around the country giving talks, appearing on TV and giving interviews to reporters. It was my 15 minutes of fame.

Then I hit a bump in the road. One customer said loudly and often that she read the book three times and gained weight. My logic had been so brilliant. If you eat less calories than your body burns you will lose weight. It never crossed my mind that if you kept this up for an extended amount of time you would starve to death.

Some of last year diets reappear, and new fantabulous ones hit the market every New year. Old actors,“has been football players” ,and talk show folks are new fish in the diet market waters. It is the economy big push to get the after Christmas market a boost. The bump in the road hits right about now. Getting seven meals a day in the US mail to lose hundreds of pounds and look like a…. well you know the drill. The odds for success are about the same as winning the lottery. Got your ticket? The drawing is big this week.

On June 12, 2016 I started walking every day. Then the routine of eating seven or more fresh and fresh frozen fruits and veggies and nut was becoming a habit. Drinking more water and less sugar drinks ended up with lots of water and no sugar drinks. I began watching what was good stuff to eat and what was not so good. There were less bumps in the road. Some weeks I lost a couple pounds, sometimes lost none, and even some weeks gained a pound. I felt better, my blood pressure was getting under control.

 When there is a bump in the road, I get directions from those who have been there. My top Doctor of 25 years runs two miles in the morning and evening on the treadmill. My sports Doctor has run seventeen Boston Marathons. I have had the opportunity to travel to eight Iron man and women events in the US, observe them and ask their advice.bob

Long ago I stopped asking advice from diet sellers and get my answers from those who walk their talk. Great athletes are consistent. They teach that is OK to fail but not OK to quit. They work at what they do, then do it better. 

When there is a bump in the road, Drink lots of water, eat good food, walk briskly, and get a good night’s sleep.


Have a Happy Healthy Week.