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We don’t have energy. We must provide the fuel to produce energy.in our body. Energy is not just physical, it is also mental  and emotional. We need  just two fuels, water and food.

Drugs , poor food and drinks ,bad advice, greed and lack of ethics. are  big proplems in the Health and Wellness industry. Using common sense  will go a long way to  generating energy.



Lots of folks who hire workers now require drug tests. Nicotene is a drug and so they don’t want to t hire smokers. Insurance companies can and will raise your rate if you start smoking. Obesity is getting out of control and the trend for the  obease in the working place is getting different. If you are obease you are probably starting to feel more pressure.

More data is indicating that medicine  is not  always the cure. The one in the mirror might be  the one who could solve the proplem in many, many cases. It is not too late to start.  Drink water an eat healty food.  You know that means fresh and fresh frozen fruits and veggies, and nuts. Start walking every day and work up to 40 to 60 minutes or more of brisk walking.. If you are in a wheel chair or bed ridden, whggle and waggle what ever you can. It is not too latee to start.

Have a Happy Healthy Day.