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October and March are my two favorite months. Every April I start thinking about the October Brookshire Hero 5K in Shreveport. In November I start thinking about March Brookshire Fresh 5 in Tyler.

My life changed June 12, 2006. Being a public speaker, if there is no one to talk to, I talk to myself. “If I keep on drinking and eating like I am now where will I be in five years? I will be dead.”

Right then, I started walking every day. I did it, then did it better and now fourteen years later have daily improved what I do.

Our body must have only two fuels to keep alive, water and food. I call that WAFO.  Drink water and eat good food. It’s the Basics


Our body must do two things to stay alive every day. It must be in motion and it must get some sleep. There are so many ways to get in motion, and that causes too many excuses, so I walk. The body must shut down and sleep. You got it- walk and sleep. It’s the basics- WASL. Every day from now on we WAFO WASL.


It is a good idea to eat breakfast every day. A top nutritionist took me on a trip down the cereal Isle of a grocery store. There were at least 40 choices of cereal boxes. If you graded the contents of those boxes ABCD&F only two will be rated A. The best are any brand of oats and any brand of shredded wheat, then a few B ratings more C and D rating and some F ratings., That is scary.

About 300 days a year my breakfast is a handful of shredded wheat, half a banana, a handful of blackberries and blueberries, a hand full of pecans and almonds, some raisins, and about a half cup of almond milk.

I do not trust Labels. I read the Ingredients. If there are words and initials that make no sense, or you don’t understand, that is probably the food that is not so healthy.

Top Docs say we need eight hours of sleep every day.  I am a work in progress. “My wake-up hour is between 4 AM and 5AM. I do not know why. I like early hours, so I am cool with the wake- up time. I have been going to bed at about 9:30PM. I have cut TV watching to 8PM shutdown except for Wednesday because Navy seals are my heroes.  I am getting closer to 8 hours of sleep. My watch monitors sleep and it rates deep and light sleep. We are learning a lot about sleep so ask lots of questions to Docs, musicians, and trainer, and friends.

My early training was Industrial Engineering, so keeping blood pressure, weight, exercise, walking, sleeping, and medical data is a habit that comes easy. Smart watches, good running shoes, and medical exams are on my calendar scheduled well in advance.