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 I was standing in the Gulf of Mexico back in 2006. At age 76  that is where My Story begins. As a public speaker, I talk.  If there is no audience I talk to me. “If you keep on eating and drinking like you are right now, where will you be in 5 years? I will be dead.”



 I decided to walk every day.  Since June 12, 2006, I have walked every day and I report the steps daily to Walker Tracker a company that records steps.  They have recorded over 34.5million steps.  That is about 17,250 miles.

 At first, I barely walked 5 minutes before sitting on a park bench gasping for air. Now on most days walking briskly non-stop for 42 minutes to an hour is routine.

Two words come to mind.  It is called Competence -Confidence. Loop. It is based on studies done by Brendon Burchard the High-Performance Habits Guru. The idea is the more competent you get the more confident you become. Remember I did not start walking until I was 76 Years old and in horrible shape.

It is never too late to start getting competent and confident.  I have more knowledge, skill, and ability now than ever before as a brisk walker. That is competence.  I am confident to stretch harder and walk more steps more often and to do more strength training and push myself more to the limit at the gym. Confidence is not some personality trait. It is a Muscle you and I build through exertion and sweat. My current level of confidence is because of 11 years of focus, learning, practice, and skill. I know what I do and how to inform, teach and inspire others to do what I do. That is the Confidence-competence loop.




It is not too late to start. We see people forget to take care of themselves. More than one-third of Americans are obese, costing the United States almost $150 billion a year in medical expense. Only about 20 present of us gets the needed aerobic and muscle-strengthening of something as simple as walking briskly for  20 to thirty minutes every day Twenty percent of us fail to manage stress and one in five have no one to rely on for emotional support. Stress will take us down. Walking is a simple but doable solution.

Unhappy people get sickness, illness and chronic disease and are slower recovering from injury than happy folks. Abe Lincoln says we are as happy as we make up our mind to be.  Walk briskly and chose to be happy.  Breath deep. It is almost impossible to lose your cool and get stressed out when you take deep breaths. Stressed out folks take shallow breaths.

Walking briskly generates energy. Walkers have more mental stamina and stay focused throughout the day. 

Walking briskly for 20 to 60 minutes every day will make you happy and healthy.