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Me getting me healthy was painful. I gave up an hour of sleep and an hour of morning TV to go walk 45 minutes in all kinds of weather every day for the rest of my life.  When it rains, I walk through the pavilions on First Monday grounds. In cold weather, I need to have layers of hoodies, coats, and headgear. My feet need to stay warm, so shoes and socks need decisions. In hot weather, the body requires lots of water and hot weather requires serious caution. It is a struggle to walk every day


Being Happy and healthy is a struggle. I learned to see struggle as a necessary, important, and a real requirement to be happy and healthy. It is a challenge and I fail a lot. I have had blisters, falls, failed to meet the timing I set, failed to lift the weights I thought I could lift. Failure still comes often, but quitting is not an option.

The struggle is hard to sell. My closing average is two out of a hundred and I am happy with that average. Think how many kids want to be a great athlete. Far less than one out of one hundred make it make it.

If just two do what I do and then find two to do what they do, and we do that six times that is sixty-four happy healthy people. On the seventh time, 128 folks are happy and healthy Now the magic of compounding sets in. ( if compounding is new to you a good book to get is The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy ).When this is repeated 30 times there are over FIVE MILLION happy healthy people.


In 2013 Canton was designated as The Walking Capital Of Texas by Governor Perry. The famous Canton Trades accounted for about 180000 visitors a month who walked at least a mile and a half to do their shopping, which was estimated to be approximately five billion steps a year.

The happy healthy movement is growing.  Before 8 AM on any weekday, you will see at least 128 folks at one of the local gyms or at Cherry Creek Park running, working out, jogging, pushing the baby stroller or walking the dog.

Times are changing. Every day more and more folks are shifting from a life that accepts sickness, illness, and chronic disease to a happy and healthy lifestyle.


It is almost impossible to drink water and no sugar drinks.  It is downright difficult to eat at least six or more fresh and fresh frozen fruits and veggies and nuts every day. It is so disruptive to find the time to walk twenty to forty minutes every day with a goal of 10000 steps every day.  It is so hard to give up the TV to get seven or more hours of sleep.

The alternative is devastating.  When you quit the struggle of happy healthy living, then sickness, illness, and chronic disease is the alternative.

Have a Happy Healthy Life