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I have been asked to name three people who have positively influenced me the most.


Ethel Reno was my third-grade teacher. We could not get promoted to the fourth grade until we memorized a poem.  Not just any poem. The poem by Edgar A. Guest was three verses long! It Couldn’t Be Done is the title. The first two verses ended with “it couldn’t be done, but he did it”. The last verse ended with “cannot be done” and you will do it”. I was eight years old and it was 1940. She informed me, educated me and inspired me to DO IT. Niki did not exist in 1940. Ethel Reno would not promote anybody to the fourth grade until you knew you will DO IT the rest of your life.

I was the first of the Moore clan to go to college. I majored in Speech and when I started my Sophmore Year of High school I knew I was a Public Speaker If there was a speaking contest, I did It., A play, I did it, A speech to give I did it. Mrs. Reno taught  “Just DO  IT”.

 My senior Year advisor was Dr. William Hall, I was part of the varsity debate team and he informed me  “you will win the Ohio original oratory contest” he said without looking up from his big office chair. Every time we won a debate and I won an original oratory contest, Prof Hall would say “Now that you did it, now do it better”.

After college and my two years in the United States Army, I entered the business world.Ms. Reno and Prof Hall taught me well. Do it, then Do it better.

Moving to Waco, Texas and working for Paul J. Meyer at Success Motivation Institute was my big break. P.J was the third person who has influenced the way I am. SMI recorded the great motivation talks and put them on records, wrapped in a fancy box.  We were the first company to move up to using the handheld recorders to record and listen to great public speakers. I read recently that Paul Meyer was in the top twenty-five motivators of the twentieth century. He was more than that to me.

” Whatever you ardently desire, sincerely believe, and enthusiastically work upon will come to pass” was always a part of his workday and his life.

I do it then do it better, dream, plan and do it every day. I enter every situation without giving the mental recognition of the possibility of defeat.


Having a positive attitude and doing what you love to do is a part of a happy healthy life.