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Abraham Lincoln, our 16th President had a short life. He was 56 when he died. He is noted for his many failures. He failed at least 7 times running for political office, lost a job several times and had a nervous breakdown.

But Abraham Lincoln is considered one of the greatest presidents we have ever had.

“Most folks are about as happy as the make up their minds to be” – Abraham Lincoln.

We all are born naked, scared and dumb. Babies are so dumb, they can’t tie their shoes or flush the toilet.

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Face the facts. Being negative is natural. We are born that way. The word NO is said at least ten times more often than YES. TV covers at least 10 times more bad news than good news. Bad moods are at least 10 times more frequent than good moods.

Being negative is natural, being happy requires a decision. Being happy requires a Big DECISION repeated over and over. It requires an attitude adjustment. In Philippians 4 the scripture says, “Always be full of joy” and then it repeats and says” I say again rejoice.”

Being positive is caused by deciding to be positive. Being Happy every day plays a big part in being healthy.

I get out of bed the same way every morning. I got blood pressure, so this day is a gift. Here is the routine. I sit up in bed -put the right foot on the floor, scoot around, put the left foot down – sit on the edge of the bed, lean down and touch my toes.  My brain says you can’t do that. I whisper, “shut up”- grab the bottom of both feet, smile and say- “Live today as my last- plan tomorrow as forever”.

Top Docs report that Happy people recover from injury faster, have less illness, better performance, have less stress, and get more done. Of course, the Docs use words I can’t say nor spell, but they are all good.

I know all this sounds wonderful, but what happens if you don’t have positive feelings? What if you were not dealt a good hand? What if your friends are negative?

Great questions. We are in charge of our emotions. Rewire your brain. I still get negative emotions, but cope with them better, and direct my thoughts to positive emotions. My favorite athletes do specific things to get in “that zone”, I think happy thoughts.

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Here are some ideas for being Happy.

1. How do I want to feel about today?

2. Anticipate positive results.

3. Anticipate and prepare for possible snags.

  1. Hunt for ways to put surprise, challenge, and fun into the day.
  2. Steer the day to positive emotions. Do good today.
  3. Leave today better than you found it.

Happy comes before Healthy in the dictionary.

Happy must come before Healthy to have a HAPPY HEALTHY LIFE

Being Happy is a great Choice.