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We have been taught that when doing something many times we quit thinking about it. We just do it.

Brushing teeth and driving my truck, come to mind. I have been watching great grandkids learning to tie shoes. That habit took a bunch of time to learn. Some folks have the habit of being early and then there are those who are always late. When we do something over and over without thinking it becomes “second nature” and routine.

Happy healthy living is not that kind of a habit. It starts with a life-changing decision, and it is not easy, and not natural. It is a passion, an obsession.

It is not normal to be happy. Negative thoughts are at least ten times more powerful than positive thoughts. Listen to parents telling little kids “NO”. Read the signs. No Smoking, no drugs, no candy, no fishing, no alcohol.

Abe Lincoln said, “Most people are as happy as they make up their mind to be.” I have three daughters. I sang this song to them every morning. “Beautiful morning glory kissed and caressed by the DUDE. Beautiful morning glory to you”. When I get out of bed I have a happy routine. Being Happy is a deliberate habit, chosen and continually getting stronger. It is more than a habit or routine. It is a part of HAPPY HEALTHY LIVING.

There are four parts to healthy living.  The first part is about what we put into our body. To be alive we only need two fuels to keep this magnificent body working.  I call this WAFO. It must have WATER. My favorite store has over one hundred choices. It. requires focus to keep others from putting stuff in our body that is not necessary and maybe not good. The body requires FOOD and there are only three kinds, carbohydrates, protein, and fats. Eating fresh and fresh frozen fruits and veggies and nuts will fill this need. WAFO. Keep it basic and simple.


The body does two functions, or it stops and gets a funeral. The Noggin, Gut and what’s left called the Digitals must have MOTION. I get in motion by walking every day. Others bike, “work out” run or golf. So pick an exercise you like and get in motion every day.

 Our Smartphone loses its ump every and must be recharged every. Our body needs SLEEP to recharge.


HAPPY HEALTHY LIVING is a deliberate habit, consistently performed every day since June 12, 2006.

In the best seller HIGH-PERFORMANCE HABITS by Brendon Burchard, he puts it this way. Deliberate habits usually don’t come easily. You must practice them with real mental focus, especially in changing environments. It will take consistency, and work.