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The year is half over and a half to go. June is my favorite month of the year. Big things happen. I graduated high school and college, got married, got my Draft Notice, got a big promotion, moved to Texas, and made the biggest decision in my life all in the month of June.


June 2006 was a month I will never forget. Standing in the Gulf of Mexico I was talking to myself. Just me and that fantabulous Gulf surf. I said to me “If I keep drinking and eating like I am right now, where will I be in five years? I will be dead”.


That was 12 years ago. On June 12,2006 I started walking every day. Walking has become a habit. I don’t think about doing it, I just do it.

Let’s PONDER the word PONDER. Love the word PONDER. Wikipedia has a crazy way to describe ponder. To wonder, to think deeply, to consider carefully, to mull over.”

Every morning I get up very early. I do not know why I get up early. I do my bathroom habits. You all know that routine. I still mess it up occasionally. The toilet seat comes to mind.  Let us PONDER teeth brushing. It took me 14 years to get the habit of brushing at least once per day. I was in the seventh or eighth grade and was heading out the door. Mom hollered and said, “Is Sylvia going to be at that party?”  I went to the bathroom and have not missed a day of teeth brushing since. PONDER that! Oh, I have improved since then. I had not been doing a good job of brushing and the dentist suggested I get an electric toothbrush. Why did I wait so long? Ponder things you are waiting too long to do.

Over the last 12 years, I have become a brisk walker. Most every day I walk 42 to 49 minutes and that is about 6000 steps. That 40 plus minute is a routine, a zone a mojo. It is a great habit.

The first hour of every day I pray, read, think and dream. That is my daily time to wonder, to think deeply, to consider carefully, and to mull over.

I live every day as my last, plan tomorrow as forever and then WAFO and WASL. SAY WHAT?

WA is water and I drink lots of it. FO is food and I eat fresh and fresh frozen fruits, veggies and nuts. I chose to eat at least 10 of the above every day.  I do eat other stuff, but I have too much data to let food processors tell me how and what to think, I do my own PONDERING.


WASL is walk and sleep. Walking daily keeps our body in motion and we need about eight hours of sleep to be healthy.

Happy People are more healthy than negative people, so PONDER being happy. WAFO and WASL make us healthy. PONDER the ingredients of what you put in your belly.


Be happy and healthy the second half of the first year of the rest of your life.