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This my Crystal Cow Pile. It was blown by David Traub in Edom Texas in the late 1980s. I think he is now famous as the Official Glass Blower of the British Empire. I peer into my Crystal Cow pile every day. I do not take myself seriously. I do check my data as close as possible.

As a kid I remembered a Gypsy who predicted the future.  Dad had his fortune told for $5 and Mom fussed because $5 was a lot of money.


And then came the Ouija Board known as a talking board. It was a table game that people sat around a table and moved a board to spell out answers to financial and personal questions. This Ouija Board predicted the future. It was the rage of us elderly folks in our younger years.

As a public speaker and writer, I got into the act and purchased a Crystal Ball. Will Rogers is still one of my favorite public speakers of all times. He made fun of the politicians who predicted that when the were elected there would be a chicken in every pot and a car in every garage for every American.

I became an Expert and informed, educated, and sometimes inspired folks in whatever subject their boss paid me to get them “FIRED UP” about.. That is what a motivational speaker does.

My guy in My mirror respelled the word “expert” for me.

X is an unknown. SPIRT is a drip under pressure.

Today the future predictors call themselves social scientist, pundits. Commentators etc.  The will say whatever people pay them to say.



Like Will Rogers I feel the vast majority of these “future predictors “are full of BS (El Toro poopoo) and they keep putting out MS (more of the same) and it is getting PHD (piled high and deep). Will Rogers did not get mad, he laughed and made us laugh at ourselves for falling for fortune tellers.

Will Rogers and others taught me to look at me. 99% of ME being smart is knowing what I am dumb at. That is the easy part. Here is the rest of the story. I only take advice from those who walk their talk.


My main doctor is a 17-time Boston Marathoner and is great Sports Doctor.  My main nutritionist is a runner and Yoga doer.



My Passion is HAPPY HEALTHY LIVING. I write about it, talk about it and walk about it.


If you are not a resident of our City  by the power of the CRYSTAL COW PILE I hereby name you an honorary Citizen.