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April is my big month. I arrived in this world in April 1932.  This is my 51st year of being a happy healthy 35-year-old. Do the math. That adds up to 86 great years.

The income taxes got sent in with no extension. I set my yearly goals in writing. The allergies are dying off. The sun shines and spring has sprung. It is a time of year that is not too hot yet, and a time to enjoy all north east Texas

My big annual meeting is held this month with the one in the mirror. I get the same question from that ugly 86-year-old antique every April. “if you are drinking, eating, walking and sleeping like you been doing this year- where will you be this day next year”?

For the last four years that guy in the mirror gets the same answer.  My weight will stay between 143 and 147. I will eat the same breakfast of six or more fresh or frozen fruits and veggies and nuts, drink 70 to 100 ounces of water, walk briskly 20 to 49 minutes every day, and sleep six or more every night. I call that habit wafo wasl.

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I will tell you where I was before June 12,2006. My blood pressure had been as high as 204/105. That is walking death. My weight had been as high as 254. That is 110 pounds ago. I am happy and healthy today.


 Best of all, the 18 towns here in east Texas open up farmers markets every Saturday until October. A great friend p.a. Geddie has supported my decision to be healthy since 2004. In fact, county line her monthly magazine wrote about me in 2004 when i decided to get healthy. County Line Magazine is very special every April. This is the month that 18 towns in East Texas with farmers’ market are open on Saturdays through October.

It is a fact that fresh food grown by local farmers has more health benefits that is shipped and even imported from long distances.

As I write, a mouthwatering feeling is clicking in. Fresh tomatoes squash, okra, sweet potatoes, peppers, watermelon, greens, peas. Yum yum

Hop in that vehicle and get to a farmer’s market this weekend. In fact, make it a day and visit as many as you can.

After cruising beautiful East Texas, there are fantastic home cooking dining experiences, museums antique shops, art galleries and friendly experiences all over East Texas. Did I mention the baked goods? There will be great local music just about everywhere.

Abe Lincoln once said,” We are as happy we make up our minds to be”. East Texas is a place where happy is a part of the culture. Big time doctors say that being happy is a part of being healthy and they say it’s our responsibility.

I’m happy that Canton is the Walking Capital of Texas and Tyler is the Fit City.

Eat and Drink Well, stay Healthy and be Happy.