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In the old days before we had cars, the farmers were warned to not put the cart before the horse. Slick salesmen were selling gullible farmers fancy carts that their  horses could not pull.

History repeats itself. Today slick diet salesmen are making a fortune on gullible hefty folks who want to lose weight. Every TV Station is loaded with the adds.  The talk shows have famous folks talking about the weight loss power of their magnificent product.

Analogies play a big role in making decisions, solving problems and frankly have saved me from making the wrong decisions about my health over and over too many times.

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I had lost 40 pounds, wrote Give Up the Fat, sold it for$9.95 and made some money. It about eight months I had gained back the 40 pounds. Sales did not slow down, they stopped. Some of the few who still showed up for my workshops walked out before I was finished.

I called my mentor. He used analogies to make a point because truth hurts. He said “You would not go to a dentist who has rotten teeth”. That hurt a bit. Fat people do not do well selling diets. And then my mentor used another analogy. “Physician heal thyself”.  I did not get what he meant and t he said “you are putting the cart before the horse.” My Mentor used analogies to force me to do my own thinking.

Here are some thoughts designed to get us to take care of ourselves and not rely on fast instant cures. The diets that are being marketed are the CART. The HORSE is us.

Here is one that is getting in the middle of my TV watching. A famous person is having a hissy fit of joy selling us on a diet that has over two hundred foods that are great for us to eat as we are losing those pounds. How about those adds with skinny gorgeous people that we can be like in just 90 days. How about those diets that send us10 meals or more every week in the US Mail?

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Lets not forget the diets that are sold by that friend who will also make you rich when you also sell the diet.

We are losing the battle of obesity, so I am serious about instant cures. In one day I met a friend who got on a give up protein forever diet. He is back overeating again. That same day another friend wants me to get on this no carb diet and come to the get rich meeting. She is not on that any more. That was several years ago. Both are having health issues.

Just got back form a workshop conducted by a top Heart Doctor. Here is the summery of how to lower risk of heart disease and be more healthy.

Drink lots of water and reduce consumption of all sugar drinks

Eat fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts.

 Walk every day.

Get more sleep.

Forget about the Cart. Pay attention to the Horse