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I have walked  every day since June 12, 2006. 

If you see me carrying my walking stick- look out  Beware. I am on a mission.

Canton is the Home of First Monday and this town of less than 5000 has over 100,000 visitors on First Monday weekend. It is fun to visit.  

Some of the visitors who are not handicapped , rent motorized buggies, block walkers from shopping, anger Vendors, and are a general pain in the rump.

I love them. If they saw themselves from the rear  as I do they would be Mortified.

Picture this

A very elderly man with a walking stick., walking right into the path of that dumb cart. The driver stops,sees him shaking, and trembling and they always say


And then I say                       “YES -YOU ARE REALLY SORRY”

It is worth the $5.00 parking charge just to see the “DUMB CART SHOW. Come visit FIRST MONDAY TRADE DAY IN THE WALKING CAPITAL OF TEXAS