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Image result for clipart man in mirrorThis is the time I ask the man in the mirror the big question. If I drink and eat this year like I did last year where will I be? We both smiled as I fired back the answer.

I will be 35 for the 51st time. The blood pressure when resting will be 90 something over 50 something. If I am really working out hard the blood pressure might jump to 130 something over 60 something.

My weight will move between 143 and 145. Do you remember when it had been as high as 254 and up and down like a yoyo? Did you forget that the blood pressure was as high as 204/105?

This New Year will be Healthy and Happy, just like last year. The mirror smiled, and I did too.

Being healthy is not a Sprint. It is a Marathon. Warning. Here come the “hurry up and fail, instant gratification folks with the miracle stuff to make us lose weight and look new and fantabulous. The Diet industry makes the move at the beginning of the New Year. I have been there, done that many times in the last 85 years. Being on a diet is not sustainable for the long pull.


WAFO . Our bodies must have only two fuels, water and food. We all add other things every day and get that stuff into the gut.  I took the flue shot again this year and am not overjoyed with the results. Almost every day I enjoy a couple dark chocolate kisses.  I don’t count calories. Most every day I have a “Sweet Treat”. But every day I drink about 70 ounces of water “WA” and eat “FO”  7 or more fresh and fresh frozen fruits and veggies and nuts.  That is a consistent part of my life since June 12, 2006. I do not drink Soda Pop PERIOD.

WASL. Our bodies perform two vital functions, or we are dead as a door nail.

  1. WA          I walk. We must have motion. There are too many choices for me, so I walk briskly every day. Most days I walk briskly for 40 to 48 minutes. At my age anything under a 20-minute mile is brisk. This has been a consistent part of my life since June 12, 2006. I have averaged almost 9000 steps a day. My goal this year is to do 10,000 steps a day and to speed up the pace a bit.
  2.   SL     SLEEP       That is sleep. The body is like a smart phone. It loses its “OMPH”. Sleep gives us a recharge. Top Docs say we need 8 hours of sleep. I am working on it.

If I can do it, you can too. Diets are not sustainable for the long pull. My advice is WAFO WASL. Save you money and have a Healthy Happy new year.