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  • It is a GOOD FAT


I have walked  every day since June 12, 2006. 

If you see me carrying my walking stick- look out  Beware. I am on a mission.

Canton is the Home of First Monday and this town of less than 5000 has over 100,000 visitors on First Monday weekend. It is fun to visit.  

Some of the visitors who are not handicapped , rent motorized buggies, block walkers from shopping, anger Vendors, and are a general pain in the rump.

I love them. If they saw themselves from the rear  as I do they would be Mortified.

Picture this

A very elderly man with a walking stick., walking right into the path of that dumb cart. The driver stops,sees him shaking, and trembling and they always say


And then I say                       "YES -YOU ARE REALLY SORRY"

It is worth the $5.00 parking charge just to see the "DUMB CART SHOW. Come visit FIRST MONDAY TRADE DAY IN THE WALKING CAPITAL OF TEXAS



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First Place 80 and over


Top Docks say we need High Fiber foods to stay Healthy. Years ago, we were told to eat lots of Roughage. Straight out I am saying that what goes into our gut must get sweated OUT, peed OUT ,or pooped Out .

First "DunLap Disease sets in.  Our gut dun starts to lap over our belt. Then bad stuff starts to happen. Sickness, Illness and Chronic Disease steals our health and  happiness. We get Obese, and then we die too soon.

Why? Our sewer system in the gut was stopped up and never got cleaned out.

What is the cure?

Eat good stuff that does not digest. This "roughage" that we now call fiber acts like sandpaper and keeps all those sewer pipes in our gut cleaned out so our toilet system flushes and does not get stopped up.

Here are some of my favorite sources of Fiber.

Oatmeal, Shredded wheat, 100% whole grain bread, bananas, beans and blueberries.

The health and wellness business make thing sooo complicated.




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Since 1954 I would get on a diet.  In 1983 I wrote GIVE UP THE FAT and got into the successful Diet market big time.  Book signings, TV and Radio Interviews, traveling around the country with the Show and Tell of how simple it is to go from 220 to 180. I was a Diet Selling Success.

December 2006

Then the real world set in again. I gained the 40 pounds and them some back again. Diets do not work over a long period of time. Period.  Here is my take on why I failed the diet game. Diets are based on eating food. Listen to the adds. On of this year’s Hot ones talks of how you can eat over 100 great foods. Not only are there pictures, but famous people dancing, laughter and eating. And some of these ads tell you food comes to your door in the US MAIL. Just use the Credit or debit card.  The diet selling industry is big business.

Since June 12, 2004 I have been out of the live to eat live lifestyle.




The body must have just two fuels. Water and food. A major cause of Type 2 Diabetes is Obesity.  A major cause of Obesity is Sugar Drinks. I drink lots of water and no sugar drinks. 

There are only three kinds of food. Protein, Carbohydrates and Fat. Every day I eat seven or more fresh or fresh frozen fruits, veggies and nuts. Being consistent every day is the key. There are no excuses acceptable.

The body you and I live in must do things every day.  It must be in motion and it must have sleep. Motion is too big a subject to get my brain to wrap around. Too many openings for excuses.  I chose to walk briskly every day. That decision was made June 12, 2006. Walking and breathing are habits. It is my opinion they are both important habits to keep. If you ever here me call you “sedentary” please do not consider it as a complement.

Our Smartphone loses its oomph and needs recharged every day. Our body needs to shut down and recharge. Most experts are recommending over six and close to eight hours every day. I’m working on it.


Healthy Happy living is my passion. The most important thing I have learned is ”99% of me being smart is knowing what I am dumb at”. That is the easy part. I only take advice from those who walk the talk. I am talking about Iron Men and Women, distance runners, and the great professional athletes.  My lifestyle is working for me and it works for others. Canton is the Walking Capital of Texas and Tyler FIT City program is the model for Health and Wellness programs everywhere.

Bob (164)

This is the year to be Healthy and happy.


This is  a rerun of my big fall of January 17,2016




Last week I had a big fall while walking briskly.  I have no idea how I got up, took  this selfie, and drove home. I do remember Ann on the phone with the 911 operator as the firemen came in the back door. That is the start of three days of miracles, answered prayers, and fantastic care in the hands of the Number One Trauma Unit in Texas.

I was in  La La Land from the time the firemen put me in the hands of the EMT, arriving in the emergency room, and then to the care of the TEXAS NO. ONE  Trauma Intensive Care unit.. I do remember telling the emergency room doctor that I felt okay and I was training to defend my title as winner of my division in the Brookshire Fresh 5, so check me out so I can go home.

I got the first jolt from the fantastic trauma doctor. “No, no, no, no to training for a five K. You got busted ribs and a punctured lung. I don’t want to put in a tube, and maybe it will fill up on its own. Breath into this thing as often as you can.” I like docs who put things in words an athlete understands. The medical language is scary. Closed fracture of Multiple Ribs of Left Side. Pneumothorax on Left.

Somewhere in my ICU time things changed. The fantastic staff took walks with me.  We talked about how I have been doing deep breathing exercises for four years. I was treated like an injured athlete who wanted to get back in shape. Before being released they all cautioned to limit my brisk walking to a quarter mile and have somebody with me.

Five days later I went for my final check up. The nurse checked my vitals, and said the lung was at 100%. Another of the fantabulous Trauma DOCS gave me the green light to get back on my routine.

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If you do what I do, you will improve your blood pressure, lower chances of dementia, Alzheimer’s, some types of cancer, many chronic diseases, heart and stoke problems, obesity, and stop getting old before you time. The doc also said that the chances of surviving trauma would really improve.

Ready?  This is what I do every day.


Drink lots of water and quit sugar drinks. Took about 18 months to go cold turkey on sugar drinks.

Eat at least seven fresh or fast frozen fruits and veggies and nuts every day.

Walk Briskly, starting out for five minutes and kick it up. I do 20 to 48 minutes every day. Took at least a year to get there.

Get seven or more hours of deep sleep.  Make it an appointment to keep every day.

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Now here is the kicker.  Blow out all the air all the way to the bottom of your belly. Bring in all the air it takes to fill your lungs. Now blow the air out. Start doing this four or more times every day. It took over a year to breath this way almost all the time.

I am at 100%. Thanks to all my great care givers, and thank you for the prayers.