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The thing on the top of everybody is the Noggin, the location of the greatest computer in the world, called the BRAIN. The brain responds to the five senses, Sound, Sight, Smell, Taste, and Touch. This big fat mussel we call the brain will take in all the data of what, how, and why we do what we do. It will read the emotions of fear, jealousy, greed, anger, and all other negative thoughts. It will also take in   love, forgiveness and all other positive thoughts. From all that input we respond and do it very fast.

Once you memorize and do stuff like ABC’s, foreign language, driving a car, I mean everything it then becomes a habit.

The brain is a lazy dude. Once something becomes a habit the brain does not want you to change. It hates anything new, any change. If you are hooked on a habit you are addicted. If it is a good habit that is a good thing, if a bad habit that is a bad thing.

I am addicted to walking, that is a good thing.

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I was addicted to drinking too many sugar drinks, that is a bad thing.

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The lazy brain will fight changing either one. What do I do? Sugar drinks are called a drug by doctors.

Ninety-nine % of me being smart is knowing what I am dumb at. I know nothing about how a drug addict can get off drugs and stays off. I got advice from a professional athlete who quit cigarettes and stayed off. He weaned himself off little by little. So here is what I did. Drink a little more water and a little less sugar drink. Drink a little more water and a whole lot less sugar drink. Drink a little more water and no sugar drink. It took about four months and I have not had a sugar drink in the last four years.

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Ask Questions and listen to those who “Walk the Talk”.  At a 5K event several years ago I overheard an Ironman talking to a newbie.  He said that if you are serious about the rigorous training you must learn to breathe deep, really deep.

When I get stressed out I may talk before I think, and have been known to lose my temper. I know better, but that dumb brain lets me do it anyway.

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I have learned from a Yoga instructor how to breathe deeply most all the time. If you breathe deeply it is almost impossible to lose your temper. Another thing has happened by breathing deeply. My time for 5K events is faster now than in the past 11 years. Sorry dumb brain, that is another bad habit I got rid of and replaced it with the habit of deep breathing.

Have a Healthy Happy Day and breathe deeply