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The minute I woke up November 23, 2017 THE TIMES ARE A- CHANGIN” by Bob Dylan flashed thru my mind.

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The Family Tradition went out the window this year and landed in the back part of the ranch owned and operated by two of my granddaughters and their hardworking Hubbies. Of course, there is a bit of financial assistance from my son in law.

Up until this year Thanksgiving was headquartered between the arriving cars, kitchen and the dining room. Chaos prevailed. You all know the drill. Everybody talking at once. Kids everywhere doing kid things. Shoppers planning invasion of stores, and us guys demanding the sit-down ritual of eating too much food, did not interfere with the Cowboy Game. As nightfall arrived the day was over.


My Grandkids took over the Thanksgiving Day this year.  We got to the back part of the ranch by Gator, Jeep, and 4-wheel drive pickups. A big fire in  the pit was for keeping us warm with benches and wooden chairs to sit around.  The RV was there with the outside seats and TV ready for the Cowboy Game. There was a porta potty down the path a bit. The two turkeys were deep fried. The Ham was in the big smoker. The Granddaughters with a bit of help from the mommas made all the traditional Thanksgiving spread with grandma’s recipes. We sang the traditional Grace that we sang when my three girls were kids. It was truly a day to be Thankful.

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Drinking water and dipping carrots into that good stuff instead of crackers, and laying low on the cheeseballs is a great way to enjoy appetizers. My plate was full of turkey, ham, dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy, macaroni and cheese, green beans, cranberry salad, pecan pie and cookies and I forgot what else. I used a plastic spoon and fork and took smidgens instead of helpings.

We all did a lot of walking around the deer pens and fields and played a lot of games with the kids. It was a great new way to celebrate the great day of Thanksgiving.

Now let us work on a healthy happy approach to the rest of the Holiday season. The two essential fuels are water and food. There are a lot of choices in addition to water. I weaned me off sugar drinks about four years ago. The results have been great. My weight is down about 100 pounds and the blood pressure is normal for the first time in my adult life. There are only three kinds of food. Protein, carbohydrates and fats. I eat at least six fresh and fresh frozen fruit and veggies and nuts every day. It’s the basics that make us healthy. The is the best Season of the year to do the simple basics.

Let the quick fix food, diet and drug industries sell somebody else the “Hurry up and fail stuff”.

Bob (117)


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