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 To grow great mushrooms, they are kept in the dark and covered with manure.

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 Food Labeling guidelines are put out by the Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, a part of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) ,a part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services .

A deal, to be a good deal, must be a good deal to everybody to whom the deal is dealt.  The consumer is not always getting a good deal.

 I goggled this question. How many teaspoons of sugar are in a 12-ounce bottle of soda pop? It came back “about 3.8 ounces.”  That is not what I asked.

“Siri, you are treating me like a mushroom.”. So, I asked her a trick question. “How many grams are there in a 12-ounce bottle of ***A****?” She responded immediately “About 39 grams.”  Then I asked how many tablespoons are the in 39 grams of soda pop? The answers is 1.66 table spoons. I stopped being specific, and did not even hint to Siri what I wanted to know about a specific product. I asked how many teaspoons are in 1.66 tablespoons. There are about 4.9 teaspoons of sugar in the little 12-ounce bottle of soda pop. Have you seen the size of the container at the local burger doodle or movie theater? We are consuming too much sugar.

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We don’t think in grams and don’t use tablespoons to put sugar in our tea.The labels also use fancy words and Initials that could mean anything.Much of the confusion is deliberate to confuse the consumer.

The Food and Drug administration is influenced by the food industry and does not always consider the health and wellness of the consumer. 

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Just maybe if there were simple truthful labels some folks would get off the obesity epidemic train. I do not even attempt to read labels. Being treated like a mushroom is not my cup of tea.

Read INGREDIENTS printed on the product packaging. The fresh frozen products are straightforward and easy to read.

 Here is a simple solution. Eat six or more fresh and fresh frozen fruits and veggies and nuts every day. 

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Wash all fresh veggies and fruit even if it is packaged.

Why? Because you mother said so.


You are not a mushroom.