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Tea leaves and coffee beans both are practically free of calories. Coffee has about twice as much caffeine as tea , but that is OK by me. Unless you are an addict and drink over three cups of coffee or six spots of tea a day both are considered healthy by the folks I listen to.. I walk briskly for two or more miles every morning and like my jolt of java.

When you drink them black , they both are rated as healthy drinks to prevent sickness, illness and chronic disease.

Now here is where the rub comes in. When you start adding that espresso stuff, and sugar and artificial sweeteners,  and add a bit  more for good measure then you are messing with a good thing.

Here is the straight scranney. Both are healthy up to three normal cups of coffee or six spiffy cups of tea,if you avoid sweeteners.

One more thing. Look at the ingredients on the label. Make sure there is no crap added to the coffee beans or tea leaves.dc4okqpxi