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The house we live in is our body where we drink, eat,walk and sleep.

There are three parts to this magnificent house.  The part above the neck is the NOGGIN. The middle inside part we will call the GUT. All the rest of this house let’s call the DIGITALS.

The noggin is the command center. The noggin runs the show. We process sound, sight, smell, taste and feelings in the noggin. We add, subtract, multiply, and divide in this center. All yes or no, left or right, up or down, happy or sad,  decisions are made in this fantastic command center.

A major part of the noggin is the processor. It is called the brain. In computing the two big named processors are Microsoft and Apple. They have big and little “updates” all the time. When you buy a computer, the processor is pre-loaded.  When you are born your brain is preloaded. You have no say so if you are born to a bank president or a bank robber. You had no choice of your race, creed, color, politics or financial status. All that stuff was preloaded into your brain.

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The brain weighs about three pounds at full growth. If a program is always used it becomes a habit. You learn your Bathroom habits and it takes a while to get it right. Using the toilet, putting the seat down so Sis and Mom don’t holler etc. etc. My great grandson went to PK this year and got a star for tying his shoe lace by himself. The brain will not use any more energy with that task. It is now a habit.

The brain hates new programs. If you are right handed and break the right arm, the brain will fight you writing left handed. It will cause stress. Any change you make to a habit causes stress. The brain is lazy and does not like change.

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Hang on. We are about to cause the brain to get in an uproar. Diabetes is on the rise. The data is clear. A major cause of diabetes type 2 is obesity. A major cause of obesity is sugar drinks.  The solution is to quit sugar drinks. Ha. It took me eight months to quit. I drank a little more water and a little less sugar drinks, then a lot more water and a lot less sugar drinks, and finally a lot more water and no sugar drinks. That lazy brain fights long and hard, but the” Yes but I Love Sugar program” was replaced.

The brain uses a lot of energy to learn new good habits. and replace old obsolete habits. My smartphone loses its oomph every day.  It gets recharged. My lazy brain also needs recharged every day.

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The experts insist we all need at least seven hours of sleep every day.

Take good care of the Noggin, Gut and Digitals.  Our Body is the only one we got.