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I do remember Hurricane Carla. It was the early sixties. I was a “brilliant” new young executive and in charge of “catastrophe” insurance for the fifth largest steel company in the world. Carla hit Houston and the coast harder than anything in the history of that part of the world. The word Catastrophe doesn’t come close to what happened. Th company lost a blast furnace, 27 days of money making gone, the ships channel was shut down, Galveston sea port was shut down, thousands of houses and business were destroyed. I lost friends and friends lost everything they had. I hurt still when I recall Carla.

Some of you were in my real Estate classes in the 1990s. Remember?  Always build above the flood plain and structurally sound. Do you remember my prediction? “when Carla comes back it will take 8 hours of flawless evacuation to clear Galveston Island”?

His name is Harvey. Stand aside Harvey. I will get back to you.

 It is time for a Texas Brag. Texas has more seaports than any other state. In fact, a ship can come in, unload and that cargo can get to any state on the mainland in 48 hours or less. The Interstates 10 and 45 can get you East and West and up North as good as any Highway System in the country. Texas is the Home Office to some of the biggest and best companies in the world. The Houston part of Texas is the home to NASA and has got some of the best hospitals in the world.

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OK Harvey, you have made your appearance. You are the biggest that has hit us since Carla.  The Weather Channel boys and girls said, “we can live with that”. BUT the tornadoes and WATER will become CATESTRAPHIC. They made advanced warnings to evacuate. A few left on I 10 and I 45. The evacuation went smoothly. Very few took the advice and got out.

I am writing and praying this Sunday. The rains are still coming down and expected to continue until at least Thursday. They are now spreading to a wider area affecting all urban areas in Texas except Dallas and Fort Worth.  They are still not out of the woods. Evacuation is no longer an option. This morning the Weather Channel folks are saying that you are to stay in your home and get to the highest place. So far, they have not openly said to cut a hole in the attic and get to the roof, but are sure hinting it.

Much of the fuel for our country comes through those sea ports.  The same for parts for cars etc. The same for a lot of the food we eat every day.

The best of the best First Responders are already there or on alert when their time comes. The Weather Channel forks are there now and have been saving lives.

 Let us pray-do what we need to do and learn to learn from history.