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I started this “Health and Wellness” walk June 12, 2006. I am now 35 years old for the 50th time. Health and Wellness is my passion. I pray, read, think, study, research, write, talk, blog, and WALK about it.

99% of me being smart is knowing what I am dumb at. That is just about everything about my body. The hardest lesson to learn was always get advice only from those who are smarter and walk the talk.

My body has three parts, the NOGGIN, GUT and DIGITALS. Today we talk about the noggin.

Image result for clipart of the human body

The noggin is the control center that processes the five senses of SIGHT-SOUND-SMELL-TASTE AND TOUCH. Play with it. Hold up an item and you will get feelings as the Noggin processes an opinion based on how it is programed. If you see a person the noggin processes how you react. Hmm? Is there jealousy, fear, and, greed, or love, laughter, peace, fun and other stuff? There is constant input to the brain. Habits start to arrive from doing stuff over and over. Enough of this heavy stuff.

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In the Noggin is a big fat lazy muscle called the brain. When the same situation keeps getting in the noggin over and over the brain converts it to a HABIT. It took a long time to learn how to tie a shoe, brush my teeth, tie a tie, etc., etc. Get my gist? Doing something good or bad without thinking is called a habit. 

Bad stuff is recorded 10 times more often than good stuff. There are folks that spend their lives studying the brain. I wrote down the good habits I want to do every day. I call it the 2do2day list. These are 10 things I do every day without thinking. These are good habits.

To be healthy there are things I know, but I still did dumb things anyhow. I want to quit these bad habits.

Here is an Example. A major cause of diabetes is Obesity. A major cause of obesity is too many sugar drinks. Here is how to replace a bad habit with a good one.

Drink a little more water and less sugar drink. Then drink more water and a lot less sugar drink. And today I drink water and no sugar drinks. I am clean of an addiction for over four years. It’s the basics. The brain is a fat lazy muscle. It fought me until I put in different software.

Eating six or more fresh and fresh frozen fruits, and veggies and nuts every day is a great habit.

Here are a few things I don’t eat and replaced them.

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My DO NOT DO put near and not plumb most of the time List

No white breath

No hotdogs

No donuts

No white gravy

No BL++ BE++ Ice cream (at least not a pint every night). I may be seen having a small cup of that delicious stuff once or twice a month.

Quit letting the food industry make your choices.