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Old habits are hard to break  and switch to good habits. In one of my college classes we talked about habits. All right handers were told to put their pencil in the left hand. Left handers switched to the right hand. Next, we wrote our name on a paper as fast and as neatly as we could. My writing was awful. My name looked Chinese. Now here is the shocker. We graded each other’s paper for the grade to go on our record for the day. Nobody gave an F. No A’s but B’s and C’s.

Bad work was not called bad work. It was “politically correct.

Today we accept bad things as OK. Poor journalism, bad language,  bad food, overuse of harmful drugs, bad behavior, and disobeying law are socially accepted. Hey- it probably has always been that way, we just talk about it more and with social media we can’t hide it or ignore it as much as we did in the past.

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Doing what is wrong or doing what is right has been a choice since Adam and Eve ate the apple that was a no-no. In this century of instant data, it is harder to cheat and not get caught and almost impossible to justify doing dumb stupid things and remain socially accepted.


It is now official. Cigarettes cause cancer.  Sin Tax is a big source of income so they are “Legal”.  We have the right to choose to have a shorter life span and continue to smoke the dumb things.

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Now hang on. Diabetes and some studies do not even narrow it to type 2, is caused mostly by obesity. More studies come out saying a major cause of obesity is too much consumption of sugar drinks. Already some major cities are putting Sin Tax on “soda pop to cash in on the mess.  Remember when you were a kid? No Cigarettes.  Now we are getting the warnings about sugar drinks.  Habits are hard to break.

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In 2003 I could feel my health getting worse. I said to me “if you keep on drinking and eating like you are now, where will you be in five years. I will be dead.

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” Starting June 12, 2006, my daily walking started. Something else happened. I found my PASSION.

Goggle Passion. It is a strong, almost uncontrollable emotion and feeling. A person becomes driven to fulfill it. My passion is to be healthy and happy. I call it WAFOWASL. I write about it, talk about it, blog about it, study it, ask questions about it, and live it every day.


My training as a public speaker causes me to take complex and complicated subjects and reduce them into simple terms.

We all only need two fuels to keep alive-WATER and FOOD.

Our body needs to perform two functions to stay alive-MOTION and SLEEP. There are too many motion choices and I chose to walk-so


99% of me being smart is knowing what I am dumb at. I only take advice from athletes who are healthy and happy. They “walk the Talk.

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If you desire a health happy life, it is worth being passionate about it.