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Things have been rolling on at a pretty good clip  since June 12, 2016. That is the day I started walking, I mean really walking. I have not been sick, and went from weighing 254 and today it is 145. The blood pressure was a scary 204/105. Now that is serious. Today it varies for 94/50 to 130/60. All this is good stuff for an 85-year-old.


Image result for clip art weed eaterDuring the last couple years, the cord on my chainsaw got too hard to pull, so I put it in a garage sale. The starting cord on the weed whacker got harder and harder to pull, so Ann started doing the weed whacking. Getting up from sitting got harder and harder. I have lost much of my arm strength plus the ability to stand up after a long “sitting spell”.

Ninety-nine percent of Me being smart is knowing what I am dumb at. That is the easy part. When it comes to my health and wellness I only take advice from those who walk the talk.

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One of my main mentors is West Point educated, Ranger trained and battle tested. He is a Hero. This is what he said. “When you can’t get up from going to the toilet, the next stop is the nursing home.”

There is a trainer that has done wonders with our young distant runners. He has coached some of my athlete friends and has been a major part of their transformation.

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 He is very good and  very busy. He has worked me in with an evaluation. “This is good because we now know where you are and we can go from there” he said after a complete assessment. The journey is starting with the first step. I will be working on upper body strength and squats. The equipment is state of the art, and it will become a habit, then a routine, and then a discipline and a part of my life. I must walk the walk before I can talk the walk. I thought it would be a lonely journey.

I was handed a brochure and a friend suggested I might want to add this low impact cardiovascular and strength workout as warmup. Did I mention the brochure said this “Forever Fit” workout is for the older adult?

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I was shocked when I showed up for the 9:35 AM-10:05 AM warmup. This wild bunch call themselves the RAT PACK. They were laughing, grabbing their dumbbells and were a wild and crazy fun bunch. They greeted me like I am a long-lost cousin. The time flew by.  This bunch were at different levels of skill, and it did not matter. I left that room feeling happy and OK. Every one of the RAT PACK are walking the talk.

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The original RAT PACK was at the Sammy Davis Jr last show in Vegas. It started at 10:45PM and finally ended at 7:30 AM. They were from all walks of life and the cared for each other. I saw Sammy Davis JR in that last Vegas show.

The fun bunch went thru 30 minutes of intense exercise and it seemed like 5 minutes.

 My “motion system” needs fixing and those who are smarter than me are getting me fixed.

I am ready to start this new “walk”.

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