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The health and wellness experts say that about 80% of what we do is a habit. A perfect example is how I wake up every morning. It is about 4AM. It is a habit. I had always slept on my belly until five months ago when I broke some ribs. I had no choice, I stated to sleep on my back. My lazy brain fought hard, but gave in because I had to get sleep. Now sleeping on my back is a new habit, and I breathe and sleep better and that is a good new habit. So there, lazy brain.

Years ago I had a snooze button, but now I get up early every day. I ouch to the edge of the bed, stick the right leg over, slide, scoot, inch the left leg over, sit up straight, put two heals on the floor, smile, and thank the Lord for the blood pressure. The rest of this day is a gift to live as my last, while planning for tomorrow as forever.
This is the habit that starts my morning routine. The Bathroom business, teeth brushing, face washing, walking to the kitchen, making a pot of coffee, drinking that hot cup of coffee as I start the thirty or so minutes of reading, thinking, praying, and planning this new day. This is a habit.
It is around 6:30AM and off to the park for forty minutes of brisk walking. This routine started in September 2006. It is constantly tweaked and upgraded.

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Now it is about 7:30 AM. This is the time for my favorite breakfast. Plain shredded wheat, frozen blueberries, pineapple chunks and cherries, a handful of raisins, and a handful of four or five kinds of nuts. I add a cup of cold Almond milk top this great concoction. This starts my daily habit of at least five or fresh or frozen fruits, veggies, and nuts every day.
Hi HO it’s off to work we go. I sneak in a high powered protein drink that includes fiber. Trying out new healthy food and drinks is a good habit. I take advice about energy drinks and food ideas from those who are healthier than me.
I am hooked on water, not sugar drinks. That is one habit that was a long time coming, and that is one habit I intend not to break.

The body needs sleep. I go to bed most every night at 9 PM. It is a very important appointment I want to keep. It was a hard habit to get addicted to. I now sleep on my back.

An Iron Man was giving advice to a “newbie”. Eavesdrop with me. “Start by letting all the air out. Use the muscles at the base of your belly. Push and shove it all out, now breath in fresh air to fill in all that cavity from the bottom of your belly to the top of your chest”. Breath deeply when you run, walk, sleep. and make it a habit.