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To find out where you are going, you must know where you are now. To know where you are now, you better be sure where you have been.

On June 12, 2006, I used what I learned about map reading to go on the trip of a lifetime and I am still on the road.

Let me tell you where I had been for 75 years. My memories go back to being a teenager in the 1940s. I was fat.  On my paper route, there was a great bakery and I would get a half dozen donuts to tide me over. Liberty Restaurant was “the hangout”. I would down six hotdogs and 3 DR Peppers at a sitting. Are you getting the picture? I ate too much. High School and college were a blast. My dream of being a great motivational speaker was right on schedule. I had a great career. My life was good, but my health was slipping My blood pressure was off the charts, the weight was up and down like a yoyo. I ran out of energy.

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That is where I was on June 12, 2006.  Earlier in 2004, I was up to my knees in three feet of water in the beautiful Gulf of Mexico. Do you talk out loud to yourself? I do. “Bob if you keep on drinking and eating like you are right now, where will you be in five years.” I did not even hesitate with the reply “I will be dead”.

My journey from Sickness, Illness, and Chronic Disease to Health and Happiness started right then and I have been on that road every day since. Water and food are the two fuels that take this Noggin, Gut and Digitals on the road to Health and Happiness.


 I drink lots of water and less and less sugar drinks until there are no sugar drinks. The water swooshes, whooshes and flushes the gut. Sugar drinks mess up the gut.


 I feed my gut six or more fresh and fresh frozen veggies and nuts every day.

 There are also two things I am responsible for to keep this body on the road to Health and Happiness, instead of detouring back to Sickness, Illness, and Chronic Disease.


I must keep me in motion. I walk every day. At first I could barely walk briskly for five minutes. Since June 12th, 2006 I average over 8500 steps per day one step at a time.


The last responsibility is to get some sleep every day. The Healthy and Happy bunch are saying it takes about seven hours of good snooze time every day to stay on track.

Four simple habits, done every day will get all of us from Sickness, Illness, and Chronic Disease to Healthy and Happy.

 All you and I need to do is follow the map every day.