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In the 1980s I had a monthly newsletter with about 100 subscribers around the country. The goal was to get folks to stop taking experts so seriously. I remember some of my “stuff.”

If banks are so poor , how come they keep building new branch offices.

Gold was selling for about $ 600 an ounce. I predicted  that gold would go to $800 , then again it may go to $400.

I informed my readers that I was an expert weather predictor and was never wrong.  I gave them a sample of my prediction.

“There is a 50% chance it will rain today. Tomorrow there is a 50% chance it won’t rain. I am never wrong.”

What scares the badingle out of me is there were and still are people who believe every dumb thing that  EXPERTS say.. X is an unknown and a SPIRIT is a drip under pressure.

I gor David Troub (who became the Queen of England’s official British Empire Glass blower “to blow the CRYSTAL COW PILE


From time to time I will gaze into the Crystal Cow Pile and  my goal is to get you to