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Walking briskly on a walking path has been an almost daily occurrence for the last ten years. Most every day you will see me before 8AM, at Cherry Creek park on the walking path, and then I’m off and on my way to do what I do.



Today we are going to talk about hiking trails. In fact, I am going to critique a new trail in Canton, Texas at New City Lake. 

The City of Canton received a grant from Texas Parks and Wildlife of $180,000, and a cash donation from the Ben Wheeler Bank of over $20,000. The city in contracts and labor coughed up the rest for a total cost of about $222,000. Forget the Economic, tourism and health benefits, it was a brilliant way to protect the future of the city water system.

I googled my research to find the difference between a walking path and a hiking trail. Most of my walking has been on concrete surfaces.

A hiking trail is a horse of a different color. This New City Lake Trail starts out in an open field where you can park in a level grassy field near a fishing tank and get a nice view of the lake where you could put in a boat. So far it could be just another walking path. The surface is probably crushed granite, or similar. It is about four feet wide and as you hike along it makes a few slight twists and turns and becomes a hiking trail.


Most all hiking trails invade Mother Nature’s space where animals, reptiles, birds, waterfowl, turtles, frogs and fish live.  Most trails have hills that go up and down. This three-plus mile trail is no exception. It has a hill. It does cut, bulldoze and pave its way and we see a four-foot path with a crushed granite surface. There is about three or four feet on each side for drainage and erosion protection. In about a year all this human stuff will be grown over and Mother Nature will be in charge again.


I wore my hiking boots and carried my walking stick.  It has been a long time since I went hiking. The lake is gorgeous. This spring all the construction will blend back into the land. Families will have picnics. We will see and hear birds and animals. There will be real and imagined fish and snake stories to enjoy and repeat. This trail is not for everyone. It is for the young and the young at heart who want a taste of what was. As an EXPERT in walking and hiking I give Mill Creek Lake Trail FOUR STARS.  Let’s take a hike and be happy and healthy.