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January is over. That is the month we made the New Year Resolutions. February is here It’s a good thing it is the shortest month so we don’t have so long make excuses for not staying on the great diet t.  Diets do not work. They are not sustainable. Think about it. If you lost one pound a week on that diet, that would have been 52 pounds this year. If it worked and you made it a habit, in ten years you would be 520 pounds lighter.  Hey, I have been where you are at least 15 times.

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This is me before the TO DO LIST

Here is what worked for me. On June 12, 2006, I decided to live a healthy and happy life. Why did I do that? I was eating and drinking too much. For two years, I only went from 254 to 239 and my blood pressure was still sky high and just a bit lower than my high of 204/105. I would live for another 5 years. The pills and diets did not work for the first 74 years of my “fat boy” life. It was time to change.

 My Doctor is an athlete. He runs two miles in the morning and does it again in the afternoon. My nutrition advice comes from a runner who is also a well-known expert on healthy food. I tweak my drinking, eating, walking, and sleeping habits only after talking with or observing athletes and highly trained first responders and military heroes. They all walk the walk.

For the first time in the last 100 years our life expectancy rating went down a tiny bit, instead of continuing to go up. The two major culprits are diabetes and obesity. The major cause of diabetes is obesity. A major cause of obesity is too much soda pop. The government will not solve the problem, they want to tax it, just like they tax cigarettes.

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Fruits and Veggies

This solution works for me. Drink more water and less sugar drinks until you wean yourself off sugar drinks. Eat six or more fresh and fresh frozen fruits and veggies, and nuts every day. Walk briskly 20 to 40 minutes every day. That is a minimum of 7500 steps and aim for 10000 steps a day. Then get a minimum of seven hours of sleep.


WATER FOOD WALK SLEEP    I write, talk, blog and do it every day. This is my passion. If the you do what I do, and then get two to do what we do, and do it six times. that is 64 of us. On the seventh time, that is 128. We are there already. Canton is the Walking Capital of Texas, Van Zandt is the Walking Country of Texas. I Just heard one organization in Tyler has 119 folks counting steps every day on their smart phones. Compounding and expediential math are setting in. When we do what we do 30 times we have over 5 million Health Happy folks doing what we do.

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First Place 80 and over