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I will lose weight this year. Noting has worked before but this year is different.

Now this is how I am going to do it. A couple of us need to lose some weight. Our clothes don’t fit. We got a class reunion and we want to look good. My neighbor has this new diet plan and we can make some money and lose weight at the same time.

Most of us start a diet the First of the Year. I gave up my diet about the middle of February.

This is WHY I do what I do. What I do and how I do it works for me and will work for you if you “reallygotta wanna”.

My “WHY” is to get rid of sickness, illness and chronic disease and live a healthy and happy live. What I do and how I do and what I do is simple if it done every day.

If your WHY is strong enough you will never ever quit. The brain doctors might call it a Concept Transplant or Behavior Modification. One thing for sure, I am not the same person I was.

Here is what to do and how to do it. I drink lots of water. When I started drinking more water I drank less sugar drinks. For the last few years I have quit sugar drinks totally.


Every day eat six or more different fresh or fresh frozen fruits and veggies and nuts. I eat four or five times a day. The athletes call it grazing.


Walking briskly for twenty to forty minuets a day is a habit that has not ben broken since June 12 ,2006. I average 8000 plus steps per day. This year I will get closer to 10000 steps every day.


Sleeping seven or more hours a day has been a habit in progress. I am getting better every day.

Water Food Walk Sleep  WAFOWASL. That is it.

My weight has gone from a high of 254 and now ranges for 146 to 150. Folks we are talking about two or more years of stable healthy weight. The blood pressure was as high as 204/105. That is walking death and a widow maker. Today the BP varies between 97/55 to 136/65. I have not been sick, ill or had any chronic disease since June 12, 2006.

Two more simple tweaks are in the daily routine. About three to five times a day when sitting too long I stand up.

Follow along with me right now. Run in place, blow out all the old stale air, breath in fresh air, keep going. Now you feel like yawning. Do it. Stop, sit, down and go back to work.  Doing this three or more times a day will lower risk of sickness, illness and chronic disease.

 The final tweak is to breath deep. Push out the bad air with your lower gut muscles. Now fill the lungs with fresh air.

 This is the way to have a Healthy Happy New Life.

              You Really got to want to

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