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People ask me what is the secret to losing 104 pounds and dropping the blood pressure from 204/105 to between 90/50 and 136/60. I am accountable only to to me and consistent in doing six simple easy to do thing every day. Here they are.

Blow out all that old dirty dingy air. Push it out. Use the mussels in the bottom of your gut. Got it all out? Fill up those lungs till they are full. Practice, practice, practice. Take all year, every day, all month, and forever. No more short breaths.

Now for number 2. Do the WAFOWASL at least three times a day. Stand up. Run in place for thirty seconds. Wiggle everything you can wiggle. Push out that dirty air with those muscles at the bottom of your gut. Get fresh air in and fill up those lungs real full. Don’t forget to smile.

The third step is easy. Drink more water and a little less sugar drinks. Now drink a bit more water and a lot less sugar drink. Finally drink more water and no sugar drinks.

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Getting hungry? Eat a minimum of six fresh or fresh frozen fruits and veggies, and some nuts every day. I like almonds, pecans, and peanuts. I pass that goal by 9AM every day.

Three steps down and 10,000 to go. The goal is to walk ten thousand steps a day. I have averaged over 8500 steps starting Jun 12, 2006. That is over 29 million steps. Sounds impossible and is a great excuse not to start. I started and could walk for four minutes. Now I walk two miles most every day in less than 40 minutes nonstop. OK don’t get spooked. Start walking and keep track of the steps. The real goal is to never ever miss a day of walking. Do this simple task every day and you are a champion.

Set a time to go to sleep and do it. The health experts want us to go for seven or more hours of sleep every day.

Be accountable and know your numbers. The pros, the great ones who live a healthy life do these six simple things. It is not complicated. It is simple. Do these six things every day and you will lower the risk of just about every sickness, illness and chronic disease. The main cause of diabetes is obesity, and the main cause of obesity is eating and drinking bad stuff.


Make the choice to Breath better, WAFOWASL, drink more water, eat right, walk, and sleep each day and