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It was June 12, 2006 when I got serious about my lifestyle and health. My blood pressure was down from a high of 205/104, and the weight was down from a high of 254.

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In the 1990s I went through the routine of pills for high blood pressure, annual exams, working out at the local Junior College and potting around with every newfangled diet that somebody was peddling. That had been my routine my whole adult life. Other people and constant advertising controlled what I was drinking and eating.

On that June 12, 2006, I had a talk with me. “If it going to be it is up to me. “

Everyone must have water, food, motion, and sleep to live.



Here is the problem. Too many choices give us the excuse to substitute sugar drinks. My favorite store has over 200 choices of water, so here is what I say. “Drink a little more water and a little less sugar drink. Drink a little more water and a lot less sugar drink. Drink water and no sugar drink.” It took about 18 months and now I am off of sugar drinks.




Eat six or more fresh or fast frozen fruits and veggies very day. In about 18 months my weight went from 237 to 160. The big increase of water consumption and the fresh fruits and veggies lowered my consumption of junk food almost totally. No diets, calorie counting or frenzy diets.  I took charge and I made the choices. That’s it and is so simple.


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The books say MOTION, but that gives me too many choices, so I walk every day. When a person stops moving, they die soon. I walk briskly every day. (a 20-minute mile is brisk for me.) I made that choice back on June 12, 2006. At first I walked five minutes before gasping for air. Today I walk 20 to 40 minutes briskly. I have never misses a day and have not been sick. When I was in intensive care for two days after a stupid fall, I got in one mile. I love to tell the story of that bunch in the Number One Trauma Unit in Texas. Oh, two months later I had my fastest 5K time ever. Walking Briskly every day is a habit, just like drinking water or eating fresh or fast frozen fruits and veggies.


Everyone needs at least seven hours of sleep. Almost every night I go to bed at 9PM and my day starts at 4AM. Ove course there are exceptions, but I choose to get my nine house of shuteye.



Jim Rohn


If just 2 of you do what I do, and the 2 of us get two to do what we do six times -that is 64 and on the seventh time that is 128. On the 30th time that is over 5 Million and on the 31st time that is over 10Million. We will choose to change our world from Sickness and Illness to a HEALTY LIFE STYLE.